Eyes Wide Open

eyeswideopenMost of us live life on the run. Jumping from one job to another, one meeting to another, one practice to another, school, activities, etc… and many of us have all of these things going on in ONE life!

Have you ever said you will get to something (working out, eating right, spending more time with a loved one, etc) when life finally slows down?

How’s that going for you?

Life rarely slows down on it’s own, in fact most of life and all organisms drift toward complexity. I don’t know about you, but simplicity does not come easy for me… I have to be intentional about it.

Intentionally slowing down to make room for what matters!

Take some time this week to bring simplicity into your life. Slow down, take a breadth and enjoy the people around you. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers… whoever you find yourself around this week take in the God moments and see if maybe just maybe God wants to join you in the workings of your daily life.

I’m willing to bet if you intentionally take the time to SEE whats going on around you, HEAR what others are REALLY saying, FEEL what others are feeling you will find some moments to join in what God is already actively doing around you.


Spring Cleaning

As spring approaches you hear a lot of people talking about the need to do some serious spring cleaning. Closets are full, lives are getting busier, and making room seems to be essential to the American way of life. You never know when you are going to need more room, right?

Spring is upon us, and even though in parts of the country it’s still snowing occasionally, the sun is out and life outside is becoming more and more of a reality.

cover_9370515_clippedI was speaking to some friends the other night and realized maybe we all need another form of spring cleaning… life tends to get more complex the more time we spend on this planet. All of life seems to drift toward complexity if we let it… Technology is supposed to make things easier, and it really hasn’t. More convenient yes, but life supported by technology is more complex really… not easier. So while we are cleaning out the closets to make room (seriously, how much more crap can we all cram into our houses!) maybe we need to consider cleaning out our schedules! Does life seem endlessly busy and more complex than you expected it? Are there things that can easily be moved around in your life to create more room in the schedule?

More room for the things that really matter? More room for the people that really matter, and need you in their lives?

I know for me the answer is YES! There is always more to be done… but there will not always be more time to be available to the people that God says need it most.

So join me in a little spring cleaning the next few weeks and let us put our focus on the people God is asking us to focus on instead of trying to cram it all into a week that has no room for more and not enough room for what is already in our time closet!

May we become people of focus and intentionality… even with our time!


Richard Sherman’s Spotlight Moment

sherman-cover.jpg?w=600&h=794In the last 24 hours everyone seems to be judging Richard Sherman for his interview.

1. If you are mocking his english, shame on you. It mostly comes from prejudice no matter what you think. He went to Stanford and graduated.

2. Minutes after one of the most emotional moments of his life, the guy went off on his arch rival in the NFL… most of us would hate to have a national spotlight on us in that moment.

3. Watch this video. You may not like that he is cocky… but ANYONE who has competed in sports at a higher level than rec ball knows if you don’t think you are the best, you will never be the best!


Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… Whatever!


It’s that time of year again, and everywhere you look people are challenging to remember that this season is all about. Some will say

“Don’t forget the reason for the season”… others dig deeper and quip “Keep Christ in Christmas”!

Even those who espouse a “Christless Christmas” say the season is meant for a unique time of family and rest.

For me the challenge of what really matters has moved away from Christmas and into my own personal life. My family, my friends, my calling.

When it comes to my family what really matters. Is it what everyone else thinks about my marriage, or what my wife thinks about our marriage? Does she feel loved? Does she value and respect our relationship based on what I bring to the table?

What about kids?

What really matters? Is is that they do really well in school and make no mistakes? Or do they really need to know that I love them no matter what the outcomes are in their test scores and report cards? I want them to do well, do their best which they already know from my example and instructions, but are my critical comments when things don’t go as planed helping or hurting the cause?

Does it matter that I make those disappointed faces followed by statements of challenge and consequences? Or does my unconditional love in spite if what we are facing matter more?

Does it really matter that the church I pastor is not blowing up with mounds of new people each week raving about One Community Church and coming every week to hear what God is saying through us? Should I be so focused on the wrong things little disappointments turn into big ones that can take days to overcome?

Or does it really matter that I’m being faithful to Jesus first in my own life with Him,
and second in what He has called me to do?

No matter the outcomes?

What really matters?

I don’t know for sure but I’m positioning myself to figure it out and never let go of focusing in what matters the most in very area of my life!

I want to be faithful to my family, and my friends, and the calling God has placed on my life. How about you?




You Are Being Pursued

PursuedWe all have those moments when we know that something we just realized should have been more obvious in the past! I call this reading through a dimly lit life. Sometimes that dim light is a lack of experience, sometimes we are just not ready for the lights to be turned on all the way… and other times we refuse the light to be anything but dim!

Let me tell you about one of my recent dim lit moments!

One Community Church is going through a sermon series called Story. We are walking through the biblical narrative from Genesis to The Church on Sundays, and then we go further into the story of God our Life Groups… then and we are reading through the stories during the week in our church bible reading plan here.

I’ve never sat on these stories for 1-2 weeks at a time. In school your zipping through large chunks of the OT in single sittings. And like many people who read through the OT I tend to struggle getting into them because I struggled with finding how they relate to my life.

So dwelling on the story of creation, separation, the flood, cain and able, Noah, or God’s covenant with Abraham for more than a week has been eye-opening! I think this is the consensus for many engaged in this process. While many have felt like they already knew the stories, most everyone has been surprised by what they are getting out of it this time around.

We engage the stories during the week and ask God what he is speaking to us through that particular story and what we are going to do about it! Finding ourselves in God’s grand story has produced some very cool stories.

For me… I’ve been overwhelmed with the thread of God’s overwhelming love, patience, provision, and pursuit of His creation. Every story shows how God is loving and patient… I’ve never considered God patient in light of sending a flood to destroy most everyone on the earth, but It’s there!

I’ve never seen the pursuit of God at every turn and in every story like I have the past 6 weeks. From God walking into the garden calling out to Adam and Eve while they hid from God to the patience and pursuit God has for Abraham entering into a covenant to bless the nations through one family! Abraham screws up, questions God, gets ahead of God with Hagar and Ishmael… and yet God still pursues Abraham and blesses with the promise of a son!

How did I forget about God’s pursuit of Tony Simoncini?

How did I let that part of my story fade away?

This Is Amazing Grace! What other king leaves His thrown in pursuit of His creation and reconciliation with them even in their rebellion? What an amazing king He is!

It reminds me of a song Darrell Evans sang often in his worship concerts. It was called Nothing Else Matters and it went like this…

Here He Comes – Leaping Over The Mountains

Here He Comes – Bounding over the hills

With a passion, You pursue Me

With a longing heart I will seek You

With your presence, You satisfy me

Your love is better than life

Nothing else matters than being here with you

Nothing else compares to this world I’ve danced into

All the other noises simply fade away

I can only here your voice as I dance with you in fields of grace

May we all understand that God is in pursuit of us… no matter where we have been, no matter where we are right now, and no matter where are going. He is pursuing you and me! What would happen if we simply turned around, and took a few steps toward him?

What would happen is we pursued Him, like he pursues us!



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