Never Forget Where You Came From!

“Never forget where you came from”. We have all heard this expression… It’s usually attached to someone who came from an upbringing less than desirable, and then make it big on a sports field/court, the Hollywood big screen, the big stage, or find success as an entrepreneur. They came from simple means, had a huge dream and found success; money is now a non-issue, so they vow to pour their lives and money back into their communities with a desire to help those less fortunate. Maybe their story will propel others to see a way out! I love these stories, and I wish it was my story, but…

As a Christ follower, I forget where I came from all the time, and this is not a phenomenon that is unique to me. Why do I find it so hard to remember my story, to remember who I was before Christ changed me… it’s not a pretty sight, nor fun to think about who I was… but when I forget who I was before Christ, I tend to forget that others are “before Christ” as well, and they deserve the same grace and mercy I was given. God help me remember your grace and mercy so I can extend those same gifts to others!

When we forget our story, we become just like the Israelites. You know, that group of people God delivered from the chains of slavery in Egypt by Splitting The Red Sea (See Image At Top Of Post). I have often wondered, how did they forget THAT? Then I remember my own absent-minded faith… God was good when they needed him, but when they got used to His goodness, they forgot their story! They forgot the God of heaven and worshipped according to their own likes and dislikes, lived their lives their way and put God on the back burned. Sounds all too familiar… As the prophets warned, they ended up in a place far from home, and far from God! He never left them, but they refused to hear his heart through the prophets, and they went into another form of exile and slavery… it was Egypt all over again! They forgot their story, they forgot where they came from! Forgetting your story is the same as going into Exile!

Are you in your own Exile from God? Have you forgotten who you were before Jesus changed it all for you? Have you put YOUR story and YOUR life in the place of God’s story. and God’s life for you? Are His plans on hold so that you can move forward with yours? I forget all the time, and lose my way… but I want to remember.

My prayer is this post finds you remembering, or helps you dig up those old memories we thought were best forgotten, so we can be the Light Jesus calls us to be. When you remember, you will find loving God and loving Others “The Jesus Creed” is easier than when you are in an exile of forgetfulness!

Grace and Peace


3 thoughts on “Never Forget Where You Came From!

  1. This is beautiful. I try to remember but it is often hard. So I find some of the old written testimonies or teaching from the past and then I can remember. Have I told you lately that I love you and am so verrrrrry glad that you are Boo’s husband and Myles and Jillian’s daddy. The Best….

  2. Remembering is hard, and it seems like it should be so much easier… its funny you mention Shanda, Myles and Jillian… it’s their love that helps me remember sometimes! They are not the lucky ones… I am!

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