The Goal… To Know What Jesus Says… or To Do What He Says?

I have read through the book Crazy Love 3 times now… most recently with our group at The Journey, and boy has it impacted me in a big way. Philosophically I have seen a shift, but the practical side of the message has been slow coming. It’s there, but not like I desire… The book describes the greatness of God and His insane love for His creation in a way that makes you evaluate who you are as a follower of Jesus, and if that commitment to follow has impacted all areas of your life. The most powerful chapter in the book is “Profile of The Lukewarm”, and it’s power is quite simply prophetic, because you see yourself in some aspect of that chapter and realize that you are indeed the dreaded “lukewarm believer”. And the call of Crazy Love is to not only recognize yourself in the chapters, but to see God radically change us by His love because as Francis says, “when your wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.” God has changed me in many ways and the world would say that I’m a good Christian guy… but the challenge in the book is that Jesus calls us to more than that… He calls us to a life that is as radical as His Love is for us… that love is more than the behavioral change and moralistic faith we hear so much about in Churches… Check out this clip from a talk he gives and comment to your hearts desire!

You Can always count on Francis Chan to “tell it like it is”. I’ve been listening to him for a few years now and its moments like this that make me love him all the more. Not because he says exactly whats in my heart… but because he says exactly what SHOULD be in my heart. He says the things I want to say, and he talks about a way of life I long for.

So is Francis Chan right… have we turned following Jesus into something that is just “in your hearts”. Have we made a third road, a middle road that speaks to our comfort and not the words of Jesus!

I hope you found this as thought provoking and challenging as I have! Grace and Peace as you wrestle with what following Jesus is supposed to look like, rather than what it sounds like!


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