Right, Left, or just plain crazy…

If you watch the national news, listen to talk radio, or read the newspaper; the chances are you’ve heard about Joe McGinniss, a best-selling author who is writing an unauthorized biography about Sarah Palin… and to better understand the subject of his newest book, Joe McGinniss rented the house that is right next door to Sarah Palin and her family! Some have said it’s an invasion of her privacy or even down right creepy, yet others say Palin is a public figure so she should get used to it. It’s no secret that Sarah Palin has built a 14 foot fence in between her property and the neighbors house, but that fence is just a symbol of how divided we really are as a country, and honestly as human beings!

This story reminds me of two things that I think sadly defines our country…

1. People often forget to put themselves in the shoes of another before judging them!

2. Those who want to polarize the country, will always try to find an angle to do so!

It’s amazing to hear what people are saying about this ordeal. The conservative right automatically labelled McGinniss as a creepy guy who just wants to look/spy on Palin’s kids, and the lefties are running the story that McGinniss is the latest victim of the Palin Media hurt machine. Poor Joe is getting a bad rap, all he wanted to do was get as close to Sarah Palin as possible, and by coincidence the house next to her was for rent, and it was so cheap they couldn’t pass it up!

Even sadder than this is the obvious SPIN coming from the McGinniss camp. Joe said in an interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show that he didn’t tell anyone he was moving to Wasilla to get close to Palin and its her fault the media is taking this to such an extreme level… yet in a statement released to the public explaining why he is renting the house next door, his son said that the woman who rented him the house knew he was writing a book about Palin and needed a place in Wassilla, and offered the house to him at a rate he couldn’t refuse. And to top it off the rent offer is so low because the neighbor wanted to stick it to the Palin’s because of a fall out she had with them. She found him, he didn’t seek to rent her house! Wait, I’m confused I thought nobody knew he was moving there to write a book about Sarah Palin. Even funnier… the statement the McGinniss camp released mentions the owner rented them the house dirt cheap just to piss off the Palin’s… and they think this is helping their case? These guys are smart!

So which story is correct… he didn’t tell ANYONE… or the owner of the house “heard” he was writing a book and looking for a place to rent, and she offered him the house real cheap? Only one can be true. But McGinniss and the left want to spin this as his victimization of Sarah Palin and her desire to incite hate wherever and whenever she can.

In an ironic twist however, when ABC News came by and knocked on the door of the home he was renting to ask him a few questions about why he was there, Joe McGinniss said,

“Get off, your trespassing… I don’t want to have to call the Wasilla Police. Get off my property NOW! I’m going to put the call in.”

This was just one reporter from a national news organization who wanted to ask him a few questions, and he wouldn’t answer the door and threatened to call the cops, but he says Sarah Palin is the hate monger who should just accept the fact that he is writing a book about her she has not authorized and then bake him some cookies welcoming him to the neighborhood? Nice Joe, real nice!  Here is the link to the ABC story…


So the left thinks Palin is acting like a “middle schooler”, even though I’m sure none of the pundits on the left would enjoy being in her position. And the right wants to equally polarize everyone and discount the fact that Joe McGinniss has received death threats, and the local paper made sure everyone knew the local law gave Alaskan’s the right to shoot first and ask questions later if they feel like they family or property are in danger!!! Seriously, is this what we are becoming as a people. Are we really unable to understand others in such a way that we will lob threats to others who are not trying to really hurt us in the same manner.

My take, I can’t blame Sarah Palin for being a little upset about someone writing an unauthorized biography, let alone that guy moving in next door for the summer to get “closer” to me for journalistic brilliance. It just seems a little creepy to me and unprofessional. Any honest person has to understand there is not a person on the planet who would appreciate someone writing a biography about you, when you are not involved in the writing process. And to add insult to that injury, the guy moves in next door to you and your family? Seems like someone wants to rub it in Sarah Palin’s face if you ask me! Seriously Joe, we are not all retards; you wanted to mess with her and her family a little bit by moving in next door, besides getting under someone’s skin is not a bad thing when your writing a book about them; good deal or not, anyone who actually as you say “respects the Palin’s privacy”, would not have taken the neighbors offer (if she even found you out as you say)

I think this is bigger than Joe McGinniss, and if I were a betting man, I would bet that something will come out soon that political opponents are the ones who set this whole thing up, including getting the neighbor’s house involved. McGinniss is a fool for moving next door in my opinion, but he doesn’t deserve death threats. I think he deserves someone to call him out more than Matt Lauer did and expose this for what it is… a journalist who made a poor decision because he only cares about himself! Either way, I have my opinions about politics, but I’m growing weary of the extreme right and extreme left trying to polarize this country rather than see us unite once again as Americans!

So what’s your take? If you don’t have one about this story specifically, give me your thoughts on this… if you were in Sarah Palin’s shoes how would you handle this. Would you have not build a 14 foot fence and posted the entire thing on Facebook and instead baked Joe McGinniss some cookies? Are you happy with how the media is playing this out?


5 thoughts on “Right, Left, or just plain crazy…

  1. That’s a tough one. On the one hand I would bake the cookies because “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” If someone were writing a book about me, I’d want to get to know them, and let them get to know the real me. If you end up writing lies about me, it will be after you looked me in the eye and we will both know the truth about it.

    On the other hand (as a father of 2 little girls) I probably would have made the fence 18 feet and out of concrete with shrouds of glass on top. There are some crazy people in this world…

    I think it’s hilarious that a journalist (who moved next door to his subject) when visited by another journalist was screaming about privacy and trespassing. That’s a window into his real character.

    In the end, I agree with you that it’s probably more political than anyone will admit. The struggle for power between the two parties makes me want to vomit. It’s not about issues anymore it’s just a big chess game to acquire power and both parties have quit trying to hide it. When Abraham Lincoln was elected he appointed a lot of the people he ran against. When asked why, he said it was because he believed them to be some of the greatest political minds of his day and he thought they had something to offer the country. Obama tried that with a couple of people, but they recognized it as a “token appointment” and didn’t accept it because they felt like they would be powerless under him. (I read that somewhere, sorry no references). BTW… They wanted to make George Washington king and he would not accept for sake of the country. Offer the crown to any present day politician (from either party) and see what they say.

    1. Some crazy people for sure… I found the scene with the ABC journalist to be laughable as well… I would kinda understand if it was Geraldo Rivera from the Fox News Channel only there to pick a fight with him, but it was an ABC nobody who seemed like he would have asked questions to get to the truth like Matt Lauer did on The Today Show. It seems like he could have defended himself as a journalist and not the creepy peeping Tom the right wants to paint him as. But instead he just gave anyone who disagrees with him being there more ammunition!

  2. This is why I stopped listening to political talk radio and the news networks. The whole political game is ridiculous. It is all about tearing your opponent down, then when you get elected, you start the whole process over again to stay in office, never getting anything done. Meanwhile the pundits gladly spread the hate bloviating on the faults of members of the other party, at the same time rationalizing the sins of their own.

    I don’t think we will ever have anyone with the character of a Washington or Lincoln again.

    Sadly, I’ve noticed the same attitude in theological debate. Instead of debating theology, it seems to often degenerate to personal attacks from both sides. A lot of the time it is due to a misunderstanding of the other person’s stance on a subject. The blogosphere is full of this. I’m glad to see that you focus on what it means to walk in Christ, and not get involved in the mudslinging that is so common.

    1. Matt,

      I couldn’t agree more. I still listen to stay connected to the culture and what people are saying and doing, but it often gets so out of hand I need to take break!

      I’ve been guilty of the sin of mudslinging myself, thinking I was protecting something sacred, in the end the mud got in my own eyes and the message was no longer sacred… like anyone I need good people around me that help my perspective remain omni-directional (others focused) rather than the usual uni-directional (Tony Focused)!


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