Whatchyou talkin bout Willis?

Question… do you have people in your life that tell you like it is? Do you have people in your life that will hold you accountable when your life doesn’t line up with your principles?

As a Christian, there are many things that are OK in our culture that may not be OK if you desire to live your life with a biblical worldview. an easy example would be talking about someone behind their back usually only telling one side of the story… let’s be real, gossip is something that most EVERYONE does, and yet the bible is pretty clear that gossip is toxic and does NOBODY an ounce of good! We could go on and on, but that is not the point of this blog. The point is… when you do these “things”, are people able and willing to point them out to you, AND are you able to receive it and turn from it asking God to help you change?

This is what the Christian community is all about. I think real community is essential for walking upright with God. God has always used people to point out the fault of others and ask them to repent and turn to God instead of their folly! We see it all throughout the Hebrew Bible, most prominent in the Prophets. And again we see it in the New Testament over and over again with Jesus, and again with the Apostles Peter and Paul! The people of the bible held each other accountable, and it came from a place of love and not judgement!

If you’re not engaged in this kind of relationship with others for the sake of “judge not, lest you be judge”, I would suggest that maybe you’re not in real community. What’s your take?

Who do you have in your life that can sit in the seat of “judge” as a loving and caring friend who seeks your good and God’s glory so much they are willing to bring up the things that are falling short in your life?

Do you have someone who would give you the “Whatchyou talkin bout Willis?” If you needed it!

Grace and Peace


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