Song For Sunday’s

The title track to the New Passion record is Awakening by Chris Tomlin, and the subject of the first Song For Sunday’s blog. Music has always captivated my heart more than the average bear, and I figure writing about it here at Hisfamealone is a worthy endeavour. From the many mix tapes I handed out as a kid to the current sharing of the best worship music around, I just love good music. In the world of church worship music there are few who have impacted our church culture more than Christ Tomlin, his writing and music style are second to none… that is to say I believe he has taped into the main artery of the church, and what its heart-cry should be writing about it on a regular basis.

Awakening is among his best songs in my opinion. It’s a cry that all of us who claim to be followers of Jesus should have on our hearts. Let’s explore the lyrics and then offer commentary on their application to our lives.

In our hearts Lord – In this nation – Awakening

Holy spirit we desire                           – Awakening

I love where this song starts off… “In our hearts Lord” and “we desire”… that’s it my friend, it all starts with you and me! Isn’t it true that what we want, and what we “must” have… we go after! And for many of us, we chase it and often obtain it no matter the cost? I love this cry, that no matter what we have desired in the past… what we recognize now more than ever is that we need an awakening, and we desire that awakening more than we desire money, success, and all the things that compete for our attention. Even if you’re not a believer or questioning the ideals of faith in Jesus, you need to realize that God as creator is closer to you and me than we both realize! Awake My Soul!


For you and you alone awake my soul

Awake my soul and SING

For the world you love

Your will be done, let your will be done in me

The object of our awakening in the chorus, “For You and You alone”! Again the cry of our hearts ought to be us awakening to the Lord and Him alone, and that He alone causes this awakening, it’s not something we can “muster up”, it must be authored by God alone! There may be things we need to awaken to and there may even be things we need to ask of God, but we must first come to the knowledge that God is present, and we must awaken to HIM first. Then you have the command “Awake My Soul, and Sing” which I love. Sometimes I don’t feel like awakening to the Lord, because I know this spells trouble for the things in my life I love, and God hates. Sometimes we have to speak to our soul and tell it what to do, because my will and my emotions tell me things are fine just the way they are, when my spirit and who I really am knows better. Are you comfortable and content to stay right where you are… maybe you need to speak an awakening to your soul and shout, “Awake my soul, awake my soul and sing”

Lastly the bridge says

Like the rising sun that shines

From the darkness comes a light

I hear your voice and this is my – awakening

As he gives examples in the song of things that are transformed by a change in substance, we too are transformed when we our souls awake to the fact that god is near, and He is with us… and hearing his voice calling us to this awakening is the ultimate moment of all our lives! I hear God calling us all to come alive and be awakened from our slumber that we often call life… to a real life that oozes with abundance (John 10:10). Maybe the life abundant is a life that is full of God and awareness of his presence all around us! As we focus more on him and less on ourselves, we will soon realize this is living!

May we all be awakened from a life of stagnation to a new life of significance and purpose! Listen to this song and ask God for the awakening of a lifetime. Lord let us hear you, see you, and feel you like never before. Let us live lives wide awake!



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