Feed My Starving Children

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This week I had the pleasure of serving with my fellow seminary cohort (N)inja’s at Feed My Starving Children in Minneapolis Minnesota. This is a great organization that partners with missionaries in countries where families are living on very little and their children suffer from starvation and death daily. Through their efforts last year alone they prepared and delivered more than 96 Million meals!! It’s not steak and potatoes, but it keeps kids alive… you can check out their web-site and find out more about this organization and the vision for feeding more kids in 2010 here. http://www.fmsc.org/Page.aspx?pid=453

What amazed me most while I was there… the pictures they showed us of kids who were 2-4 years old and weighed 8-10 pounds because they don’t eat, and what they do eat periodically has absolutely ZERO nutrition. The dark and empty eyes of these kids will break your heart, and this look is 100% connected to their lack of food and nutrition. Then I began to think of the importance our pediatricians place on what we feed our children especially in the early months and years of their lives… and these kids are missing so much of the essential nutrition needed to sustain a healthy and happy life. But, the beauty of this program… they show you some pictures of these kids weeks and months after they have been getting the meals prepared by FMSC, and they look just like normal healthy happy kids! The meals are not much, they contain some chicken powder (think Ramon noodles), veggies, soy, rice, and the perfect amount of nutrients these kids need to become healthy happy kiddos! And they are doing a wonderful work. If you find yourself in MN, IL, or AZ you should check them out. If you have family or friends in this area, spread the word about the work because it takes an army of volunteers to package this food and get it to the right people in the right places. If you know missionaries who would love to partner with them to get food to the people who need it, they need more partnerships with the right people in the right places! And finally if you find yourself interested and want to give to their cause, please go by the web-site and donate!

Lord, Help us to look outside of our own situations to see where you are working and moving in the world, and let us move to action when you call! Thank you Lord for opening my eyes once again, and thank you to Brent and my fellow cohort (N)inja’s for helping me serve and love people in the name of Jesus!



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