Never Enough Time…

Last weekend my wife and I spent some time together celebrating and reflecting on 10 years of marriage. We spent the weekend without the kids (both missing them dearly) and enjoyed some good food, good conversation, and a good show or two! I would have loved to spend the week in Tahiti, but a good weekend away was the  best we could do with our time and money for now : )

Here is what I came away with. One thought, and one concept I hope to keep in the front of my mind and life, are you ready for this?  We can never spend enough time with the ones we love! I realized this as I spent time with my lovely wife who loves me more than I deserve, while simultaneously realizing that I was missing the kids because the weekends are when I get to spend the bulk of my time with them! A Catch-22 you could say. I loved spending time with Shanda without the kids, but your kids are only young for a short while… time goes so fast… there is never enough time! I’m envious of Shanda when she sends me pictures of Jillian doing the cutest stuff throughout the day… of course I’m grateful she thinks of me and send me a picture of the days events! It’s her little way of helping me feel connected to the kids and their fun-filled days! But that is just it… even Shanda can’t get enough of those turkeys. She loves the time she gets to spend, and like ALL Mom’s she needs a day off every now and then, but it’s those days off when she realizes just how much she loves them and adores spending so much time with them. She can never spend enough time…

The same is true for time spent with God. I think he feels like I do… There is never too much time spent with my kids! There will never be a time when He will say that I have spent too much time with Him. And during the in between times, He is looking forward to me making room in my schedule for that time to be spent with Him. Don’t get me wrong, God is everywhere and I don’t have to carve out time to get with Him, for His sake… the time carving is for my sake. I have so much on my plate at one time, that when I don’t carve out the time, I miss Him often. Sadly, I don’t crave the time with God like I do my own kids… sometimes I long for more time with God, and sometimes I’m just glad I got a chance to worship with a group of friends on Sunday!!! There is never enough time… spent with the creator of the universe and savior of the world and there is never enough time spent with your family!

Cling to the ones you love and who love you this weekend!



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