I Hope It’s Different This Time

I’ve been challenged… it’s not the first time I have felt the gentle nudge of the impact from something someone has said, something I read, or the whisper of God to my heart… but this time I hope its different.

I hope it’s different this time, because with the previous challenges I’ve been given, I usually opt out for the sake of safety and convenience! I opt out for the sake of what makes sense to me, and what everyone else will think!

It’s crazy we think this way, and I know that I’m not alone! A dream drops into your heart, or your moved one day to do something different, something big, maybe even too big to fathom, and then you start to think (It’s bad news when I start to think)… soon enough your hearing the words of the people you love and trust most telling you why the dream, the challenge, or the burden is just not realistic to even worth pursuing. It’s too hard, it’s just not practical! Why?

Why is it silly to dream?

Why do our dreams die with responsibility?

Why do our burdens get buried under a mountain of can’t do’s, and the subtle dream killer… maybe later! Why?

I hope it’s different this time!

I hope I can cling to the burden and ride it until it’s tamed or until God gives me a new burden! I hope the challenge is not buried, and it’s not explained away by my addiction to safety and predictability!

God, hear my prayer… I want it to be different this time! And I mean that this time : )

If you have a dream, a burden, or a challenge on your heart… may you find the strength and courage to pray this prayer with me and go for it! Chase the dream, embrace the burden, and accept the challenge!

Peace and Blessings


4 thoughts on “I Hope It’s Different This Time

  1. Go for it. If it is from God he will supply all you need. We are in the process of Alex following his dream and its exciting yet a little scary.

  2. Ryan, right now what I know is that God is pushing me past the safety and security of the American Dream and asking me to faithfully follow Him and see what happens. I don’t know what it all means yet, and that is why my prayer is for God’s strength and patience to make it past the initial intensity of the challenge and actually follow through when the clarity comes! Right now the challenge is to live the challenge rather than just say, someday I’ll do all that god has called me to… right now I have a job and my family to think about!!!

    Mary Catherine, thanks… I think I will God For It! I don’t know that I was ever concerned about God’s provision as much as I felt God was already providing, so why waste it : )

    But now I realize that was just Tony in safety mode!



  3. Alex lost his job for going after his dream but we know that it was the right choice. So we are relying on God to provide. He did get his dream job (railroads) but we are having to patient because we do not know much about when it starts. I tell you what it is a weird feeling when you do not have a paycheck coming. God can make provision and it can come from all kinds of places. I do find myself in fear and stress sometimes, but excitement at what God can do other times. We are having to totally depend on God right and just keep trying to put our faith in the Cross , which provided everything. All this is easier said then done. But we have really had priceless moments together since Alex lost his job, we never saw him before.

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