Money Problems?

The other day I updated my status on Facebook…

“If money were no object to you, what would you do with the rest of your life?”

I have asked this question of myself a lot lately, and I was curious how others would answer. I would be doing different things with my life, and pursuing dreams I have had for a while… but then there’s the money factor. I often wonder if I had made different decisions 10 years ago, where would my family be today… we would be the same people no doubt, but with some different experiences.. Then I realize I can’t dwell on who we would be IF, and now I need to focus on who we CAN be IF… we can make money not matter! Money will always have its place, but can we live life that uses money as a means to a specific end instead of how we filter every decision?

I’m a practical guy, so I realize this is a difficult question with many layers and there is no simple way to approach the money subject… sometimes I wonder if the “American Dream” has sucked the life out of people! I know a few people with money, and some of them are so happy with life they can’t stand it… but other people I know with money feel just as stuck as the rest of us. Often, the more money you make, the more money you need, and the viscous circle goes round and round!

So how about it… If money were no object to you, what would you DO with the rest of your life? Discuss!


5 thoughts on “Money Problems?

  1. If money were no issue, I would probably live life fairly similarly to how I do now, except I wouldn’t worry about how I was going to pay for seminary! I know I would be more generous to good causes and would probably take my wife on an annual vacation which she reminds me we haven’t taken for 4 years now. But no, life wouldn’t change too much around here.

    PS – I like this wordpress template a lot. Now LEAVE IT ALONE.

  2. Money? I would hoard it until I have a lot of it, then make sure that I have easy access to it so I can get some whenever I want it. I’m being facetious of course but not completely. One thing that I’ve been hit with lately is the need to be liquid. Years ago I listened to a discussion between my mom and dad where he made the statement “even if God called us to be missionaries to Africa, we couldn’t go because of the huge amount of debt we’ve acquired”. (everybody please spare me the God can make a way speech) I understand that. What I am talking about is putting yourself in a good financial position so that it doesn’t take a calling AND a miracle, it only takes a calling and you’re ready to go because of the income buffer you have in the bank. Have I done that? No. That’s the point that Tony makes. I can’t go back ten years and make better choices. But, if I don’t start making better choices now, going forward, then my kids can listen to that same conversation from me ten years from now. With that said. I am not saying put God on hold until you’ve got your savings built up. God can and does orchestrate when you obey. It’s just been on my heart lately that until I get better at handling my own finances, God is limited on where he can use me.
    I hear ya Tony!!! So, what would I do if money was no object? Move to Utah and start a church! 😉

  3. If money were no option, wow that is a good question. I would persue desires and dreams of writing and women’s ministry, I would be able to do them freely and to give freely helping others. In truth, if God is our Father then money is no option because HE will supply all our needs. I Peter says to cast our burdens (worries) upon the Lord. If money is our worry then that is where we need to place it with God. If God has called us to do a specific thing then he will supply all that is needed to do it.

    Good question Tony. I like the blog.

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