Fear Factor

Whats your greatest fear? Do you have more than one?

I was asked this question during a Q & A recently and at first impression I thought… SNAKES! I hate snakes, the only good snake is a dead snake as far as I’m concerned. When my kids go to their grandparents house out in the woods, I worry about them not paying attention and getting bit by a snake. I hate snakes… did i already mention that?

As I dug a little deeper than my first impressions, I realized that my fear of snakes is insignificant compared to the biggest fear that I have. Lately its been something I can’t escape and the thing I feared most has been staring me in the face for about a year now!

My biggest fear… my life not counting for something bigger than me. I fear a life lived to appease rather than a life fulfilled by pursuing the passions God has placed inside of me! I’ve decided that living up to the potential God has put in me is the greatest thing I can do with my life, and responding to the call of God no matter who thinks your crazy is the greatest thing you can do with your life!

Do you have a God sized dream that you shelved for the sake of “doing the right thing”. Did you feel like God was calling you to something special long ago, but then LIFE happened!   I mean, you ended up somewhere most people would love, but you know better; You know that God placed something inside of you that longs to be released!

I’ve been there too and I’m breaking out! Join me on the journey!

Go ahead, Pursue your passion! I DARE YOU:)



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