How Long Are You Going To Live?

Most of us have thought about death at one point in our lives… if you have life insurance then its something you have decided to spend some money on, the chance that you might die! It could happen a million different ways and ultimately we don’t know how it will happen or when… but there is a website that does 🙂

Find out your fate and see just how long you will live! – Death Day

I also like this one… it tells you how long you have been alive. We all know that we are alive, and HOW we’ve lived up until now! ALive Meter

I was listening to a talk by Louie Giglio  called “Fully Alive” about a young man who lived such an amazing life, at 21 his funeral was a tribute to the kind of life this young man lived and Louie said, “you will preach your own funeral”. The point he was making… no matter what anyone says at your funeral, your life will always speak for itself! He mentioned these web-sites that tell you how long you have been alive and I think looking at them had the same effect on my that they had on him. I began to ask myself what kind of life I was living for the 13216 Days, 2 hours, 2 Minutes, 6 Seconds I had been alive. Was I making an impact or am I just watching the seconds tick away? Had I lived up to my potential thus far?

I don’t know what kind of questions these numbers make you ask yourself, but I would love to hear them!




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