Rubber Meets The Road…

I’ve been dreaming about this time in my life for a while. I believed God placed a calling on my life 14 years ago after my first mission trip to Guyana and its been within grabs several times since then… but I never “took the plunge”. It was clear to me that ministry as vocation was in my future, but life and circumstances have kept me from that calling. Some big things have kept me from the calling and some more subtle things… and even my own desires and wants have kept me from the place I knew my life was designed to dwell… About 2 years ago, it became more than a calling; the calling morphed into a dream. I began to realize that following this dream was the only thing that was going to fulfill the void that seemed to get wider and wider everyday. Starting seminary and journeying with new friends who are in the throes of ministry, while pursuing Jesus with a passion served to solidify what I already knew to be true… I couldn’t run any longer, unless it was running toward the dream God was manufacturing in my heart.

So now its time for the “rubber meets the road” moment. God is calling, He has provided, and everyone is on board… so what will you do with it!

I’m putting the pedal to the metal and going for it! I’m accepting the call and the uncertainty that is coming with the dream God has given me and I’m at peace with the decision. Peace in the midst of the storm is something you can’t buy, but it’s worth every dollar you will make in a lifetime!

I have accepted a position at One Community Church in South Jordan Utah, a new church plant looking to plant a lot of churches in a place that needs a lot of churches to be planted. My first assignment will be to lead the youth and kids programs and I’m so looking forward to the challenge. The uncertainties… they are plenty. How much income will it provide, how long will it take for a new church plant to establish itself in the Utah valley’s that desperately need more Jesus centered churches loving and living the gospel of Jesus, Will I be working a full-time job in Utah instead of Alabama because things didn’t go “as planned”? There are more to be asked I’m sure, but there is ONE thing I know for certain… One Community Church in South Jordan Utah is the next step in my journey and I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming months and years as we follow Jesus without apology.

May you remember your dreams and the things in your life that are all bigger than yourself, and if you’re not following them with a passion… I hope and pray those things are stirred in your heart with so much force, you MUST do something about it! Follow your dreams and chase the passions only a loving God can form inside you!

What Are You Dreaming About?

Grace and Peace



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