Up, Up, and Away…

Up, Up, and Away…

I haven’t been writing much lately because moving across the country and jumping with both feet into a new church plant has taken up a lot of my time and energy. It has been a very challenging and exciting time for the Simoncini’s. It’s an honor to be a small part of The One Community Church family and we are looking forward to what God is doing in the Utah valley! With that said…

We are off to the races! Its been a long 3 weeks of planning and preparing for launching a new church in a place that has very little church presence. I’ve lived here for a month, and I haven’t seen more than 5! In Mobile I can see 5 churches on the way to Wal-Mart! People have been here for 2 years preparing the way, and planning for this to happen and it’s an honor to serve with them here in Utah.

Our first service at Onecommunity.tv was January 30th, and we had a good number of people show up, and I heard nothing but positive things form everyone who celebrated with us. It’s been a crazy 3 weeks for me, and my wonderful family has joined in the craziness fully committed to what God is doing in this valley… and HE is up to something. I don’t know the full extent yet, but I know its something good.

How do I know… the heartbeat and people at One Community Church is headed full throttle toward the Cross of Christ! I pray we guard this heart, and we encourage one another to keep that heart beating in the same rhythm as it was this Sunday. I also know it’s something good because someone in the valley pulled down EVERY single sign we set out to point people to One Community Church. We set out like 15-20 signs all through out the city making sure people could find us and when we went to pick them up… Every sign was thrown into a field, lying down and not able to accomplish its purpose… but God was not denied! People still came, people were touched by God, and people WILL come back. We will put the signs out again, and even if the same people decide to throw 20 signs into a field again, God will have HIS way. We prayed for the people who threw the signs in the field, that they would find Christ and God would use the arrows on our signs to point them in His direction!

Grace and Peace



6 thoughts on “Up, Up, and Away…

  1. It is so exciting that things are taking off! Very interesting that the signs were thrown into fields.

    Cohort N will miss you next week. Maybe we should try to skype or ichat when we’re all together.

  2. Annette,

    I will miss you all as well… hope its just 1 quarter : )

    I would totally be down with some iChat!!!!

    The signs… I initially thought someone just kicked over the signs we had at the school, but once I found out it was EVERY sign all over the city pointing people to the church, I knew it was part of the spiritual darkness we are facing. Seriously, every sign… that took some work and a lot of driving!


  3. So grateful to have you on the team brother! You and your wife and family are a blessing beyond belief!

    Amazing things WILL happen through this team as we stay focused on HIM.

    Love ya bro.

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