As I have been preparing for a talk I’m giving this weekend at One Community Church / / I have been reminded of the MOST important life lesson I have learned to date and it came in the most difficult days of my life… get ready for it because I’ll bet you have heard this before, and you didn’t grab ahold of it like you should have!


It’s so easy to let life take over, and miss out on the opportunities of a lifetime!

I’m not talking about the job offers, the expensive trips, or meeting your favorite celebrity when I say “opportunity of a lifetime”… I’m actually talking about living life to the full with your loved ones. Your kids are only young once! You and your spouse only have so much time, and it will be gone before you know it!

If your kids are 8 and 2 like mine are… they will only be 8 and 2 once in a lifetime!

And you’re not guaranteed tomorrow with them…


I miss it too often myself as I get bogged down with what I HAVE to do, and the kids and my wife become AFTER-THOUGHTS! Shame on me – I know…

Don’t let it happen! Make time, create time, carve out time because they are only young once, so are you : )

AND… tomorrow is not yours to covet!

Spending time with them now, and being IN THE MOMENT with them NOW… is far better than trying to make up for lost time when they are 18 and about to leave the nest…

Or worse yet – They leave this life before you do!

Don’t take this life for granted… live WITH them, love them like there is no tomorrow, and seize the day! Carpe Diem…

Did You Catch That? You may want to read it again!



3 thoughts on “After-Thoughts…

  1. Tony, this was a really good post, thanks for the reminder. You are so right. My son just had his 17th birthday it really hit me, I have him at home for about a year 1/2 then he goes to college. I will not be able to see him everyday. Therefore I treasure everyday. We as parents need to take every opportunity to pour into our children today because like you said we may not have tomorrow.

    1. Wow Tracy… Stefan is 17 already!

      Enjoy every moment… he’s a special young man! You guys should be very proud of him!

      May he continue to find who he is In Christ, and Christ alone!


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