Who’s World Is It Anyway?

I must admit… I tend to think that this world is all about me : )

I know this probably comes as a shock to you… OR NOT!

Maybe your not like me, or maybe your
like me, but after reading my first sentence you thought to yourself… SO?

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this way, because like I said… I think this is my world ALL TOO OFTEN!

So who’s world is it, in your… world : )

When you make decisions… who do you consider, who do you consult, who’s life shapes the final decision?

And have you experienced moments like I have recently, realizing that my world… really isn’t MY WORLD! It belongs to someone else!

Let me hear from you on this one!

Who’s world is this anyway…




2 thoughts on “Who’s World Is It Anyway?

  1. This is so crazy! I just took the boys to see the Justin Bieber movie this weekend. I have to say, the kid is kinda growing on me… But I left thinking about the intense worship of this boy that is going on. Not only that but it really stirred in me the whole “Follow your dreams,. Never give up.” talk…. Our dreams should not be centered around fame and fortune for our own glory and recognition. Our dreams *should* be to worship the Lord in everything we do, bringing glory and honor to His name and the changes He has made in our lives…and to make His name known among people. That’s it! So I talked to my oldest, especially about this whole thing. It’s weird to say the words “Dylan, I don’t necessarily want you to follow your own dreams”. I had to explain that, like you said, this isn’t OUR WORLD and OUR LIFE and OUR DREAMS. If that is all we strive for, we will leave “OUR WORLD” missing out on “HIS world”.

    Ok….that was a long answer to your question. Good post. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Its funny you mention feeling weird telling Dylan not to follow his dreams… I had the same feelings about telling Myles that same thing… but then explaining his dreams and HIS dreams ought to be the same thing!

    Thanks for the input, you hit the nail on the head as usual : )


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