Who’s World Is It Anyway 2.0

When I wrote last time asking the question, Who’s World Is It Anyway?… I was wrestling with my own selfishness trying to creep back into my life. It acts like my best friend, but I’m not a fan anymore!

I gave a talk this weekend at OneCommunity.tv entitled, “If God is good… Why is There So Much Pain and Suffering in the World”, and one of the things I left out (the key to good communication is leaving some stuff on the cutting room floor) was the question, If God never does anything else in your life… Is Jesus Enough? At the core of this question was the premise that we all wrestle with putting God into our debt, which is technically impossible. I was going to share that I think God owes me something often, and I was going to mention that us moving to Utah has become one of those things I’m constantly wondering what blessing I’m going to get because of the “faith move”.

Now I’m not saying that expectations are in themselves bad… but I’m afraid when we live in a world that is all ours… we might miss the “blessing”, because of OUR expectations!

Maybe I moved to Utah for the benefit of another?

Maybe God asked us to come because things are going to happen that move and shape my family for the benefit of The Kingdom of God,  but we would never call that moving and shaping a blessing : )

At the heart of the My World 2.0 is defining words like blessing in a way that may not be 100% what God intended. My World 2.0 defines words in a way that describes… MY WORLD! Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Let me give you a totally ridiculous example… I have a friend who was date raped in college, and even though she wanted to go so far… when he wanted to go farther she nicely said no. Eventually she went from saying no nicely, to saying no in the middle of screaming and crying because he interpreted her NO to mean something else! This happens all of the time.

So here’s the deal… the bible is full of people who live in THEIR world and THEIR world alone, constantly hurting others and turning their backs on God, because they failed to realize that we all live in HIS world and HE defines ALL things.

One of my final statements in the talk was that most of the pain and suffering in the world is the result of human irresponsibility! Think about it, much of our pain and suffering comes because of others who often hurt us because of their own agendas and selfishness. Most of the people in the world could actually have enough food to eat… because we produce enough, yet we waste tons and tons of food, and often have enough food stored up for ourselves while others starve! There are millions of babies that need to be adopted and millions of parents who would love to adopt… but at $30,000-$60,000 per child few can actually adopt! When 50% or more of the marriages end in divorce, something tells me again that human selfishness and irresponsibility causes much of the pain and suffering in the world.

MY World 2.0 living can seem glamorous, but can be very destructive!


2 thoughts on “Who’s World Is It Anyway 2.0

  1. Tony, we’ve talked before about God’s “blessings” or the “rewards” for serving Jesus. I have to remind myself everyday that if I look back on the day and I didn’t get nailed to a tree today, then I’m blessed! Someone may say “well that was Jesus’ destiny, we can’t pay for our own sins.” Actually, I was talking about Peter.

  2. Jon,

    I love the way you look at things : )

    I know my definitions have changed over the years. Funny thing is, the greek word for blessed is also used as happy and fortunate in the NT. That which I consider myself fortunate for is changing the longer I’m on the journey with Christ!


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