Albert Pujols… The Best Player in the Game of Baseball asks for $300 Million…

If you follow baseball, no doubt your following the salary negotiations with the greatest hitter in the game today Albert Pujols… He is perhaps the best all around hitter ever to play the game, only time will tell. Most analysts predict he will break a lot of records when his career is over assuming he stays healthy… Home Runs, RBI’s, Runs, top 5 for hits, doubles, walks, and slugging %. Who knows if these predictions are right on, too low, or too high? The point is, he’s the best now, and most everyone thinks he will go down as the best ever…  a shoe in for the Hall of Fame at age 31… WHAT!

Recent news of the salary negotiations have over shadowed his brilliance on the baseball field because he is seeking to be ONE of the highest paid players in the game asking $300 million for 10 years. Some would say this is too much money and I do agree on one level; mainly because I’m jealous I didn’t achieve my dream of playing pro ball and I would play for 60k right about now : )

Others are criticizing Albert Pujols of being greedy, and not displaying proper Christian values, because this contract seems down right… well greedy! Warning of the fact that Jesus says we can’t serve God and Money.

When asked about the contract negotiations Darrin Patrick, pastor of The Journey, a church in St. Louis that counts a number of professional athletes as members, said Jesus warned against greed.

“Nobody really confesses to that sin,” Patrick said. “Lust, anxiety — sure. But very few people say, `I’m greedy,’ and I absolutely think that (Pujols) should be on guard for that.”

People need to mind their own business. I wonder is Darrin Patrick advises all of his church members to take a lower salary than their jobs offer. Does he tell the CEO of a small company to insist on taking a pay cut from the $500,000 per year they want to pay him in fear of the greed factor… or how about his parishioner that works at Wal-Mart for $10 per hour; does he instruct them to watch out for the greed factor and take $8 per hour instead? Because here is the simple truth… EVEN though Pujols has been the best player in the game earning MVP awards in 3 of the last 6 seasons and could have arguably won the other 3… he has not cracked the top 25 highest paid players. Last year he made 14 million and the top player Alex Rodriguez made 33 million. I don’t know about you but that math sure seems off : )

I also happen to know people who are very close to Pujols and his family. I would be willing to bet that even though Albert Pujols made half the money of some of the games top paid players… he out gave them ALL! From what my friends have said, Albert Pujols is VERY generous with his money and is always looking for ways to GIVE… and not because he gets a tax break, He gives because Jesus has changed his life and believes he only has a chance to earn 30 million per year because God has given him this enormous talent for His glory!

So everyone should lay off Albert Pujols and not point a finger about his “potential” greed, or love of money. He simply wants to be paid the proper wage for what he does. AS every person I know wants for their careers! If you look at the list below… there is no reason why he should not be in the top 5 of this list and I contend he has every right to be at the top, which he is not asking for!

Go for it Albert, you have my vote to the Hall, the best player in the game today… and you have my vote for the best contract in baseball because I trust the Jesus inside of you will lead and guide you in how to handle the money!

Oh, I forgot to mention the biggest reason why I believe he deserves the honors and the money. In a game full of a bunch of steroid and HGH using cheaters, Albert Pujols name has not even been mentioned in a single breath of the controversy… He’s not only the best player, he’s done it while being clean… Can’t say that about A-Roid who sits at the top of this list!

Praise God for men like Albert Pujols who talk the talk AND walk the walk… a journey that is not easy for any of us, especially professional athletes! GO FOR IT bro, I got your back!

1, Alex Rodriguez, NYY $33,000,000

2, Manny Ramirez, LAD 23,854,494

3, Derek Jeter, NYY 21,600,000

4, Mark Teixeira, NYY 20,625,000

5, Carlos Beltran, NYM 19,243,683

6, Carlos Lee, Hou 19,000,000

7, Magglio Ordonez, Det 18,971,596

8, Johan Santana, NYM 18,876,139

9, Carlos Zambrano, Cubs 18,750,000

10, Barry Zito, SF 18,500,000

11, Torii Hunter, LAA 18,000,000

(tie) Ichiro Suzuki, Sea 18,000,000

13, Alfonso Soriano, Cubs 17,000,000

14, Aramis Ramirez, Cubs 16,900,000

15, Todd Helton, Col 16,600,000

16, A.J. Burnett, NYY 16,500,000

17, Tim Hudson, Atl 15,500,000

18, CC Sabathia, NYY 15,285,714

19, Jason Schmidt, LAD 15,217,401

20, Vladimir Guerrero, LAA 15,000,000

(tie) Ryan Howard, Phi 15,000,000

(tie) Derek Lowe, Atl 15,000,000

(tie) Mariano Rivera, NYY 15,000,000



2 thoughts on “Albert Pujols… The Best Player in the Game of Baseball asks for $300 Million…

  1. If you are criticizing Albert, I know this about you: You make less than $30 million a year. Period. Where is this magic number that crosses you over into greed? Tell me Darrin Patrick’s salary and give me 24 hours and I’ll find 100 people that believe he is a materialistic leach on his way to hell. Sorry but it’s true. The “moral amount” is always right above where YOU are. I’ve actually heard a successful business man say this: “I can see making 2-3 million per year, but anything over that is just excessive.” Really? Are you serious? When did 2-3 million become the magic amount? Was it when he started his business and was making 30,000? NO! It was when his income climbed up to 2.5 million so the “moral amount” had to increase to fit his income? I have a feeling that if things keep going well then, 3 years from now he won’t have any problem making 4 million. EVEN though 3 years earlier 4 million was a ticket to hell. Get real people!!! Baseball is a business like anything else. Whatever team he plays for will be using him to make money, and lots of it. It’s the same thing my company does. They are using my skills to help increase the bottom line. My skills obviously don’t bring in revenue like Albert’s so I negotiated right under 15 million per year. (well under) 😉 Seriously, would you rather Albert only take 10 million and the extra money go to the club owners? (because none of them are greedy). This is a debate that has been around for years… and it’s never the people like: Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet that are debating. It’s always the people that are making 30-150k who think it’s greed and don’t understand how big business works. You might say “well it’s those huge salaries that drive up ticket prices.” Nope! It’s people being willing to pay the higher ticket prices that drive up the salaries. Case in point: Arena football. Do you think they can just raise their salaries and increase ticket prices. No, first people have to be willing to pay for a ticket to see arena football. Then they have to be willing to pay more to see arena football. Only then will they be able to raise the salaries. The fans dictate the salaries, not the players.

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