Why do you follow the people you follow? Why are you a part of the groups you associate with? Is it the people? The vision? The way you feel when you’re around those people?

The recent Rob Bell “pre-mature” controversy brings this thought to the front of my heart and mind. I remember when I wasn’t a Christian (about 15 years ago)… one of my reasons for abstaining from the whole “Religion thing” was the way the “so called” Christians treated each other. Everyone had all the right answers and EVERYONE outside of their camp were idiots or worse yet, going to hell! This was my perception as a teenager that gave me an excuse not to take Jesus seriously… now as an adult, and a member of the Body of Christ, sadly I feel the same way. Jesus said they will know you’re my disciples by how you love each other (John 13:34-35)… But to the contrary, by the way some of us love other Christians, the world sits back and laughs at us as we self-destruct!

Now let me say this… there are people I consider dangerous in their theology! So I’m not saying we are not supposed to question and guard against what people say. Not everything everyone says is worthy of repeating… and I would include myself in that category. I have spit a few things out of my mouth over the years and later realized I missed the mark!

But I do want to say that as important as doctrine and theology are… yours might not be 100% right, which means you should watch who you call a false prophet!

My hope is that people pursue God with a right heart and correct motives… and this is a very difficult thing to accomplish and I would argue it can only be achieved with some help from our creator God. Jesus is the only thing that brings our hearts and motives in line with God and without that alignment, you are probably seeking doctrine and theology for some personal and selfish reasons.

So, can we be a tribe of people who honor and value one another even if we disagree with some of the positions others cling to? Is it possible to do this within the Christian Community? I know I listen to a number of people I disagree with on same major theological things, but I learn something from them every time. I don’t listen to anyone and everyone, but I decided a while ago, I would not refuse to listen to people just because I disagreed with them… and I will make sure that my view of the person is not changed because their theology is not 100% in alignment with mine!

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One thought on “Tribes

  1. Good word Tony! I used to have a professor who used to say, “Of all the messages I have heard preached, there was never a time that I did not learn something.” Then he would finish his statement by saying, ” But in truth I have heard some very bad sermons and some very good sermons, but I always learned something from them.” I like the fact that you remind of us how and who we really need to be grounded in, as in Jesus, and not grounded in others. It reminds me of what Paul said in 1st Corinthians 3:1-9 (Message),

    1 But for right now, friends, I’m completely frustrated by your unspiritual dealings with each other and with God. You’re acting like infants in relation to Christ,2 capable of nothing much more than nursing at the breast. Well, then, I’ll nurse you since you don’t seem capable of anything more.3 As long as you grab for what makes you feel good or makes you look important, are you really much different than a babe at the breast, content only when everything’s going your way?4 When one of you says, “I’m on Paul’s side,” and another says, “I’m for Apollos,” aren’t you being totally infantile?5 Who do you think Paul is, anyway? Or Apollos, for that matter? Servants, both of us—servants who waited on you as you gradually learned to entrust your lives to our mutual Master. We each carried out our servant assignment.6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered the plants, but God made you grow.7 It’s not the one who plants or the one who waters who is at the center of this process but God, who makes things grow.8 Planting and watering are menial servant jobs at minimum wages.

    9 What makes them worth doing is the God we are serving. You happen to be God’s field in which we are working. Or, to put it another way, you are God’s house.

    We all are works in progress, and together following Jesus we will be about his business as He, Jesus, was about His fathers business. Keep up the great blogging Tony,

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