Your Kids Are Like…

Your Sin!

Sorry for the “catchy” title… It’s not really meant to grab your attention so that you will read this mess, I promise!

It’s actually what I felt God whisper the other day, and it totally humbled me!

Let’s face it, we all wear masks! Some of us more than others, and some of us have several different masks. I feel like when the bible says to “be conformed to the image of the son” it’s referring to us learning to take the masks off more often, living in authentic reality that is more honest and raw about our shortcomings. When the masks are off God can do some of His best work on us!

I try to be authentic and honest, I think a lot of people who know me… they know I’m far from perfect, and I have never been afraid to share my fears, struggles, and lowest moments with people, but even when it comes to taking off the masks, I prefer to leave them on sometimes! I mean let’s face it, we don’t really want to see everyone without make-up! You don’t want to know EVERYTHING about me, it’s not that I care all too much… but we will be better friends if some things are left between me and God and let him purify some of my blemishes in HIS own way!

Back to the whisper…

The other day I was getting on to Myles while I drove him to school because of a myriad of things he was doing wrong… I hate having this conversation with him to start his day, but sometimes you just have to, and this was one of those mornings!

He’s getting old enough now and I hope when we have these talks and I challenge him to be different to be better, he at least thinks about what was said and how his actions affect several layers of people around him. Change is my goal when these talks occur : )

He sat in the back of my car with his head down and his eyes taking the shape of a puppy with his tail between his legs, and I continued with my “talk”. When I was done (or when I felt like Myles couldn’t take any more) I asked him to crawl up front into my lap and held him for a few minutes assuring him that I knew he could do it, and that he was a good kid, better than most and I was trying to help him be even better… the bell was ringing and it was time for Myles to run off to class, he got out of the car, turned to me and said, “I love you daddy” and off he went…

I was still a little steamed honestly, and so I mumbled to myself some of the same things I was “talking” to Myles about. I pulled off from the school and I just kept saying, if people heard me talk to Myles like this they would think I’m crazy because Myles is the usual 8-year-old, but very well-behaved for the most part, and he makes a lot of good decisions for a kid… when he is in front of EVERYONE else! At home and when others are not around sometimes he can be a totally different kid and make some really bad choices, and I just wish others could see him act a fool like he does when nobody was around and THEN they would see that I’m not crazy and Myles is not always the kid he seems to be!

The Whisper… “Your kids are like your sin, good when everyone is around… but has the tendency to be different when you’re the only one around”

Gut punch!

May we all learn to take off the masks as God continues to make us into the image of his son Jesus, and may we all expose the lie in our hearts that being good around other people is good enough… God needs us to be honest with him and others about the areas in our lives that need his touch and his conforming!

Grace and Peace,


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