Is The End of The World Today or in 2012… I’m confused!

I woke up this morning and my wife was not in the bed… RAPTURE?

Nope, she got called into work… my kids were still in bed too so I was safe! Today is supposed to be the day! Rapture for the church (which means Christians leave this earth and go to heaven), and then 6 months later is the final destruction and end of the world!

What’s the big deal with this prediction from Family Radio’s Harold Camping, you might be asking…

Here are just a few…

#1 He predicted this before back in 1994… it didn’t happen and instead of repenting for his false prophecy, he just said that we were supposed to add 7 years to the date because we all know adding 7 to anything makes it perfect! Well, it didn’t happen 7 years later either and you heard little from Mr. Camping. If he is so serious about taking his bible literally, he would have people throw 50 stones at him and then hurl himself off the nearest mountain to a sure death! Stoning is what happened to the OT prophets when they predicted things that didn’t happen!

#2 It makes us all look bad! He is right in line with Mr. “Burn a Koran” Terry Jones… they are not following Jesus… they are sitting around trying to figure out ways to get noticed!

Jones burns the Koran and makes sure the TV cameras are around… the folks at Family Radio sit in an office, bust out their calculators and try to decode the bible by figuring out the exact date of things like creation(11,000 years ago), Noah and the flood(4990 BC), and judgment day (Today)… and they go on a media tour so everyone knows what’s being said and who’s saying it! But is that what Jesus has called his followers to do in the earth?

#3 These games are as far away from following Jesus as you can get. Jesus told us not to worry about the day or the hour… and the reason is not only because it can’t be known; but if we worry about the day or the hour, we lose sight of his last words to his followers on this earth… GO and MAKE DISCIPLES! Following Jesus is not about hoping the end of the world comes… its about doing the work of Jesus by creating new realities for people who need Jesus in their life! If we worry about the day and hour of his coming, we lose focus on loving God and loving others! If you anticipate the end of the world, you don’t really love people like Jesus did. Surely everyone you know and love is not a Christian? If we have taken on the nature of Christ we will desire to see the return of Jesus held off as long as possible so more people will come to know the truth…

Paul said it best in Philippians Chapter 1

21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. 22 If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! 23 I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; 24 but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body. 25 Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith”

The final reason…

#4 In a phone interview last week from his Oakland, California office, Camping warned that those who do not accept his complex calculations, including even devout Christians, will face “sudden destruction” when Jesus returns.

He’s leading a cult… if you don’t believe his prophecy you’re going to face destruction? Last time I checked, my salvation depends on trusting Jesus and Jesus alone, and not somebody’s prediction of the end of the world! Only a selfish, arrogant, and evil cult leader says that God spoke to him and him alone, and if you don’t believe the prophet of God, your going to be destroyed with the rest of the world when Jesus returns!

Check out this video with a great reaction from Gabe Lyons

I’m not opposed to believing that Jesus is coming back… I believe it and hope I live my life accordingly!  I don’t want to be focused on the end of the world, more than anything I want to be focused on what God has called me to… proclaiming the Good News of Jesus doesn’t start because the end is coming, it starts because we have tasted of the goodness of God and we want others to taste and see His grace and mercy! And all of that happens, so they too can bring this good news to the people in their lives!

Follow Jesus, Love God, and Love Others!

Let the end be the end, but live your life as if the glory of God matters EVERYDAY!



3 thoughts on “Is The End of The World Today or in 2012… I’m confused!

  1. The only thing I disagree with you about in this article is that his problem is not that he reads the Bible too literally, but that he reads it from a mystical numerological view. No Biblically literate person can say what he has said, nor would they have been fooled into following him. I feel sorry for him and his followers. I pray that he will repent from his error, and that his followers learned from this and find peace in Jesus.

    Later Bro,

    1. Matt,

      Thanks for the interaction!

      I would say they’re very similar… most cult followings have a strange “literal” interpretation of the scriptures. When the scriptures are taken out of context and applied literally, a twisted theology can often emerge.

      I agree with you that his followers are the victims here… but I would be shocked to hear him repent, its not the first time he got it wrong and I don’t think there was repentance that followed the 1994 prediction, just redirection!

      As you stated biblically literate people shouldn’t be compelled to follow men like this… and yet we have people following guys like him all over the country. What makes a man or woman leave all rational faculties at the door and follow these people?


      1. Well instead of repentance we got revision. Not surprised, but I will continue to pray for him.

        As far as why otherwise rational people follow guys like this… I think it’s because they want to believe it so bad. I think with most error, you try to read your presuppositions into the Bible, or you hear a teaching that sounds so good to you that you try to rationalize the teaching by reading things allegorically or just completely rip them out of context. My guess would be that it just comes down to hearing what they want to hear.

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