Black Church – White Church – My Church


I grew up in Southern California in a town with more white people than black people. I had 2 black friends on my high school football team, 1 black friend on my basketball team, and no black friends on the baseball team.

My Dad raised me to not see color, and besides realizing the obvious difference in skin color, I saw no difference in the men or women I faced daily. I’ve never uttered a racial word in my life and never dreamed a racial thought… this would have broken my Dad’s heart for his best friend was black when I was a young boy!

I played ball against all black schools and didn’t think it strange… I just knew them boys could play some ball!!!

There was a divide in neighborhood, but not in my heart…Racial Prejudice breaks my heart!

I moved to Alabama when I was 21 and the racial problems still existed… whites still disliked blacks and blacks disliked whites. But who can blame people who have grown up in or have become a product of the segregation and legal prejudice in this country that ended only 50-60 years ago!

I now live in a state that has an interesting population break down = White – 82%, Hispanic – 14%, Black – Less than 2%…

My good friend Daniel Workman pointed me to a blog by Scott Williams who is a champion of Church Diversity… despite the strides that have been taken in the last 60 years toward racial equality and diversity… the church is still the most segregated organism in the United States! Seems odd the place that should be most accepting of every nation, tribe, and tongue is often the biggest culprit of the new segregation. So I want to post the video that was put together by Scott Williams and friends, because its brilliant!

One last thing about racial diversity in our churches… churches are representations of neighborhoods, our churches will reflect the people who call that neighborhood home… so I realize that the church is often just reflecting its cultural make-up and that plays a role in the diversity factor… but I want us as Christians to dig a little deeper!

Keep in mind the segregation in churches is not only color in its nature, but also about belief. The question is… can we believe differently about the small things, and keep Jesus the main thing so we can be united as Jesus prayed in John 17… for the sake of THE GOSPEL! Jesus prayed That WE (His Followers and His Church) would be ONE as He and the Father are ONE! So you may go to a church that has 50/50 black and white… but will you worship with and love people who are theological opposites? This is something I have been wrestling with lately so the video below came right on time for me!

DISCLAIMER – Like everyone, I like  a certain style of church, music, preaching  and that may lead me to a church with more white people than black people (just being real)… so this isn’t an indictment on people who attend a church that is predominantly 1 particular color or preaches from only one set of doctrines… its more about raising the awareness that unity in the body of Christ is lacking and the diversity of color, belief,  and practice often leads to segregation beyond Sunday’s! Segregation and the story it tells is wrong weather its intentional or not!


<p><a href=”″>Diversity’s Symphony</a> from <a href=””>Emanate Media, Samson Varughese</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

7 thoughts on “Black Church – White Church – My Church

  1. I must say, this is a big reason why I love our church. So much color, from black, white, hispanic, and asian. Many bi-racial couples and many bi-racial children. It’s so normal at Life Church. I love them and they love me;)

    1. Jacque,

      I totally agree with you… Life Church is not a place for the racially challenged, and they have accepted you : )

      More importantly, they accepted me as a total sinner with a foul mouth, a chip on his shoulder, and allowed Jesus to make me new… and for this I will always been in debt to the people and spirit of Life Church of Mobile!


  2. The leadership should be as diverse as the congregation. As a 33 year old black male that has been to white and black churches in the deep south. I often see the leadership not being as diverse as the make up of the congregation. I often wondered if the leadership changed maybe from a white pastor to black pastor would as many people go to that same church if everything else was the same?

    1. No doubt the attitude and the make up of the church reflects its leadership. As for switching preachers out that were different colors, I think in the South people would definitely have problems because of the cultural context that still breads some of the racism in the 50’s and 60’s, but I think there is something to be said about style as well. Some people like a certain style of music, preacher, theology… and when these are deciding factors I can’t blame anyone for choosing one over the other. But when its a race thing from the get-go I think it reveals something deeper in the hearts of men!

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