Leaning On Grace Too Much?

I read an article in Relevant Magazine that was followed up in a blog post by Scot Mcknight @JesusCreed where he asks if we have let grace take over our lives and theology. Even though we understand sin is seen differently for those of us who are following Jesus, maybe a different look at Genesis 3 is needed! Follow me here… its not that grace isn’t the most important concept and word in the bible, because I believe it is; but the question remains… have we forgotten about sin and holiness is place of leaning too heavily on God’s grace?

I don’t know that I have the answer for everybody else, but for me I know I have been leaning into grace at the neglect of recognizing my own sin and lack of holiness. And the truth is, if I call myself a follower of Christ, when I sin… it’s my way of saying I’m not interested in following Christ now, today, this time, in this area, etc. Additionally, its not that I can accomplish this stuff on my own, all of my accomplishments in holiness and having less sin in this life are ONLY because of Christ In Me! BUT…

I have noticed in my ministry and in my own conversations, I talk very little about our need to be holy and different in the eyes of those we are trying to reach. It’s not that we are better than anyone, but we are supposed to be different… people are supposed to say they see something different in us, and then we point them to the grace of God in Christ that makes it all possible. I’m not perfect, but God is! Check it…

Acts 4:13

“When they observed the boldness of Peter and John and realized that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed and knew that they had been with Jesus.”

When was the last time because of my life… someone knew that I had been with Jesus! Wow…

Grace accomplishes the forgiveness of sin, but grace accomplishes so much more and I want to grab on to ALL that it supplies for me, and those I’m in a position to reach!

So I’ll ask you… Are you leaning into grace at the expense of holiness?

Is grace in your life shrinking down to simply being forgiven, or is God’s grace so big in your life that you are full of the fruits of the spirit?


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