I Made The Right Decision

It’s nice to know you made the right decision every once in a while… do you know what I mean?

It sucks to wonder if  something will turn out as good as you envisioned it, and in the end its often the unplanned things that make the experience that much better. Like 2 weekends ago a friend and I decided to see if the U2 concert in Minneapolis would be viewable from the cheap seats (at BWW’s across the street!). We got to the stadium and realized we were going to get to see U2 for free that night and were super pumped about the score, but what neither of us planned on was the torrential downpour that caused Bono to sign songs on the fly like Singing in The Rain, and Prince’s Purple Rain. But what we realized after we sat in the rain for 90 minutes singing to U2, the rain actually made the experience better… in a weird college kid following U2 around the country kinda way! We made the right decision to go see U2 and the unplanned rain actually made it better : )

Likewise, this summer I have realized that I made the right decision in attending Bethel Seminary. There are so many options out there and I struggled with the decision. Along the way I have wondered if maybe something else would be better… I now know that whatever happens in the future, the last 2 years have been amazing, and they have made me certain Bethel was the right choice, right now!

Bethel takes pride in not only filling your mind with knowledge, but making sure your are self aware enough to pastor well. I admit that if my plan was to be an academic, I would be better off in a different program… but what I hoped to obtain in Seminary was not only knowledge, but the ability to be a better pastor… what I didn’t expect was to become a better follower of Jesus, a better husband, and a better Dad! This program has been a pleasant surprise and I hope to be able to continue on the path of graduation with my fellow Cohort Ninja’s because these guys and gals, have become a big part of why the experience is changing my life more than I bargained for!

Peace and Blessings in the unexpected things…


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