Authentic… The New Cool?

We have all heard the term authentic used. In many different contexts its been used, abused, and danced around like using it was the answer. The church has used it most recently… and I agree with the way most churches are using it.

The church should be an authentic expression of what God is like… we are to be the hands and feet of the ONE who changed the world, offering life through HIS death.

And yet, all too often WE as the church are not very authentic.

Each Sunday we do the same old thing, and fail the authenticity test. I’m just as guilty of offering God the same thing, week in and week out! The same thing that is nothing but REAL!

Last night a few of us went to see a Charlie Hall and Josh Rosenthal do some songs to God… and it was a truly authentic time of worship, admiration, and acknowledgment of Who God IS! It was authentic not because of the church who hosted, or the lights they used, or the songs we sung!

It was authentic because last night we offered something fresh and new to Jesus… what my heart cried out last night was different from other nights… my offering was authentic and real instead of going through the emotions and offering nothing but fake junk : )

That’s my challenge to you! Offer something fresh new and authentic to God today! Let something fresh come out of your heart and cry out to HIM through it!

Authentic is the real deal, it’s raw and fresh… so today be raw and fresh before OUR GOD!


2 thoughts on “Authentic… The New Cool?

  1. I think I am able to pick up on this goal and it does come across to others. There is no quick answer to what it means to be authentic. It implies an ongoing process of seeking refinement. It seems to imply keeping ourselves challenged and not letting ourselves turn into robots or grazing cows passively letting our experience fall upon us instead of acting ourselves.

    I have noticed many Christian traditions looking only to the past for the answer to the perfect form of worship and trying to copy what they think that worship may have looked like but the pursuit of authenticity you describe seems to include a relationship that is continually finding new original ways to express its devotion. The heart manifests it’s true desires in many ways and whatever authentic really is, I imagine it looks like sincere love coming naturally and organically from the individual and it is appreciated most exclusively by the creator who is the target of those affections.

    Cool post man! I enjoyed it.

  2. I love how you describe authenticity as an action… i couldn’t agree more! I guess I have just realized that recently I was caught up in action for the sake of action instead of the authentic presentation of selfless love to Jesus. In the context of worship I really think that is what authenticity is all about! Thanks for adding to the discussion!


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