Thankful I’m Under Water…

We all have many things to be thankful for, and this year is no different for The Simoncini Family.

This year I’m thankful for the pace of life and ministry. When we first moved here it was nice to slow life down a little bit, and enjoy my wife and kids! I was able to spend more time with them and yet stayed very busy in ministry which has become a passion of mine!

Right about now, I feel like I’m under water… and I’m thankful! I’m thankful because I could not have learned what I have learned this year without the circumstances I find my self in and without the people of One Community Church!!!

I believe the underwater season is about over and I will find my way to the top! Help is on the way and God is working things out in a way that make it hard not to point to His providence in the situation I find myself in, and for that I’m thankful.

I will continue to write about my thankful moments in the coming days and as I praise God for the moments of being underwater I find myself thanking God for the moments to come that I will find myself on top of the water enjoying the swim : )

Thank God in All things!! Phil 4:6



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