The Future’s So Bright… I Gotta Wear Shades!

You know you love that song… even if you’re not “older” like me, you know and love that song! Funny thing is… the older I get the more I need to wear shades!

But this blog isn’t about that… it’s really about the future of our ministry here in Utah and One Community Church! About 3 months ago our pastor and my partner in crime Charles Hill came to me about some concerns he was having with the effect the last 3 years of life and ministry has had on his family. In the conversation it became clear that he was feeling the next best step for them could possibly be to transition away from Utah and back home to Ohio. Charles asked me if I was ready and willing to take the lead role at OCC as he wanted to recommend me as the next lead pastor if the move actually took place. After bringing this information to trusted council and our management team, we sat on it for the last three months while he and his wife Tiffany attended The Blessing Ranch (A One of a kind counseling for people of ministry) and Shanda and I went through Church Planting Assessment to see if we were ready to take over as lead pastor.

That time of sitting has come to an end, and the last few weeks have brought many confirming events and conversations for both Charles and myself. Sadly we announced to the church this Sunday that they have decided to move back to Ohio in the Columbus area to be closer to family and see where God leads in the step of their journey… and with great joy and excitement we have accepted the position of Lead Pastor of One Community Church at the request of Charles and our management team!

Here is the thing… the mission and vision of this church is God’s vision so it hasn’t changed! We want to see more people come to know and follow this Jesus we love, and we want to see more evangelical churches rise up in the Salt Lake Valley. This will be the mission and vision that we at One Community Church continue to carry and live out everyday! One of our core values is this… Everyday On Mission and that too has not and will NOT change!

Help me in praying for the Hill family as they transition to a season of life with many uncertainties and please also pray that One Community Church rises out of this transition as a stronger and better representation of Jesus Christ.

May we all be surrounded by His grace and His peace!

See Charles’ Blog for more details and his own words –


4 thoughts on “The Future’s So Bright… I Gotta Wear Shades!

  1. Stoked for you in this new season of life.

    I can relate to what Charles is going through. So stoked to see him make such a huge step of faith. I know what it’s like to step away from the people and ministry that you have invested your life into. That shows true humility and an obedience to Christ that is not common in this day and age of ministry. I commend you both for realizing that “Obedience is more important than sacrifice.” 1 Sam. 15

    Praying for you guys…

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