So Pumped!!!

At One Community Church we have seen some people come and go and it’s been hard, really hard! This includes staff, lay leaders, and people in the congregation! Some have moved out-of-state, and others have felt God moving them on for one reason or another.  It’s really true what they say… you don’t know what you have until it’s gone!

But what I can say is that God has been in the process of rebuilding One Community Church on many levels. New people have been coming week after week sensing that God has brought them home, and into a new family! Many of these people have begun to plug-in and serve or lead in different areas of the church! 

One thing we have been slow to add is new “staff” leadership and its with great pleasure and excitement that I announce we have a new couple joining the team at One Community Church!

They are the REAL DEAL!!!

Dustin and Glory Hicks have felt God calling them to Utah all the way from East Texas! And if you met Dustin and saw his beard while he was here you will know that what they say about Texas is true… Everything is bigger in Texas! That beard was a beast!!! They will be a huge addition to the team taking on the challenge of ramping up our Youth Ministry, and taking our Kids ministry to the next level! He has become a good friend and I look forward to hanging with them more when they arrive to South Jordan, Utah!

So here are a few words from the man himself in response to some questions about life and ministry! Dustin and his wife Glory will be joining us after the new year in late January… 

Who are Dustin and Glory Hicks?

Dustin and Glory are a guy and a girl from different parts of Texas whose paths crossed in college.  They found out that they had a lot in common and that God was working in their lives in very similar ways.  They soon realized they belonged together, and God has turned their relationship into a marriage and has led them into a lifelong mission of sharing his Kingdom with others.

Why would you move to Utah?

We’ve both spent our lives living in places where the workers are many and have felt a deep desire to live in a place where the workers are few.  We recognize that this is the case with Utah, and fully believe that the Lord is leading us to help be a solution to that problem.

What moves you most here?

The misrepresentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, along with the effects of that misrepresentation on the people influenced by it, is terribly disheartening.  It moves both of us deeply that depression is so rampant in the area, and we’re certainly drawn to the opportunity to be able to minister to that need.

What is Utah like?

Well, we’ve only spent a few days there but the first word that comes to mind is “beautiful.”  We love to marvel at God’s creation, and there’s plenty to marvel at in the Utah that we experienced in those few days.  When it comes to living there, our point of reference only allows us to answer the question in this way:  “Ummmmm……It’s different than Texas.”

What is your vision for youth/kids at One Community Church and Utah?

My vision for youth/kids at One Community Church is the same as my vision for youth/kids everywhere:  I have a desire for young people to come to know Jesus Christ and his life-changing love and grace, and long to be able to show them that the world is more than what has been presented to them by culture, and that they are loved by a God who will never be changed by the world, but who will change the world through them if they will let Him. My objective is not only to make believers, but to make disciples by investing time in relationships that foster love, trust, and mentorship.  Obviously, the practical side of this vision looks very different in this particular situation than it would in most as One Community faces many obstacles, not the least of these being the lack of a building.  I’m confident that God will provide a way around these obstacles, though, and that his Kingdom is much larger than any roadblock we may encounter.

How will you be raising support?

We will be sending out letters to our friends and family, along with some churches that we have connections to, informing them of the need for the Church in Utah and urging them to be a part of God’s mission there.  We will also both be finding jobs as soon as we get there (or, even better, before we leave).

What are some fears you have?

Being so far from any family will definitely be difficult, as it kind of takes away that safety-net.  We’ve also had at least one very secure salary our entire marriage, so committing to something like this when we don’t yet have a promise of a steady salary is a bit scary, but we trust that God will provide.

What Are You Most Excited About

We’re most excited about being in a place where we have sensed the Spirit moving and doing big things.  We are in a place now where it is often difficult to sense what is truly the work of God because there are so many people claiming to be doing that work, but in our visit to One Community Church, we felt the Spirit of God moving.  We love the communal aspect that we saw at One Community and are excited about joining that family.

What are your hobbies… what does your spare time look like?

Dustin:  Reading, writing, playing drums (and a little guitar), cooking (yep, you read that right; people pay good money for my cheesecakes), racquetball, hiking, watching baseball, and anything to do with music and coffee.

Glory:  Reading, crafting, bird watching, singing, and hiking.

Favorite Bands / Music?

Anything Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) does is an instant favorite of mine. I also love Ray LaMontagne, Ben Harper, Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams, John Mark McMillan, Band of Horses, Bon Iver, The Black Keys, The Civil Wars, Dave Matthews Band, David Crowder Band, Derek Webb, Gungor, Jacob Dylan, James Vincent McMorrow, Jamie Cullum, Jimmy Eat World, Jonny Lang, Led Zeppelin, Mat Kearney, Shane and Shane, The Swell Season, and U2, just to name a few…..

Glory would add lame stuff like Josh Groban and Celtic Woman to this list.

(Confession:  This part was written by Dustin without any consultation from Glory.)

How Can We Pray For You?

Pray that these next few months, as we try to prepare for the move, aren’t too stressful and that we are able to accomplish all of the things we need to to make the move as easy as possible.  Also, please pray for our families.  It is difficult for us to leave them, but it will also be difficult for them to accept us leaving.  Pray that God will give them the assurance that we’re doing what he wants us to do.  Finally, pray that God would prepare the hearts of the students and kids to be open to the way he intends to use us at One Community Church.

So there you have it… One Community Church is about to be invaded by some more southerners who God is asking to sacrifice a whole lot for HIS Kingdom to advance in South Jordan and Herriman Utah!

Please welcome them with me with your cheers and applause!!!!



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