John Piper vs. Pat Robertson… God Sent Tornado’s To Kill or No?

John Piper vs. Pat Robertson

I was listening to a few friends discuss the tornadoes and the sheer devastation that happens when these things touch down… and then I read a few articles from prominent Christian leaders John Piper and Pat Robertson, and they both have me thinking!

John Piper says no tornado nor its path is random… and God’s fingerprint is all over every tornado that touched down last week killing 60 or more people and devastating the lives of thousands more! Of course in the same hour Pat Robertson goes on his television show and says its not God’s fault at all, and the people are to blame. His blame was two fold… they build houses in stupid places that have tornado activity (my words but his implication) and they didn’t pray hard enough!

What I find interesting is that both of these guys think they are mouthpieces for God, and yet they both say totally different things… the only thing they have in common in my opinion is they are both DEAD wrong : )

What say you?

I will address both separately in coming posts, but in the meantime I’m interested in what you the readers think?

Here is an article that has all the information!

This article gives both stories…


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