This weekend at One Community Church was amazing… I was overcome with emotion… It was Easter… but that’s not the only reason I was overcome.

We did cardboard testimonies this weekend and several times I found myself emotional. Emotional because the people wrote some amazing things about who they used to be… An Addict, Fearful, Hateful, Prideful, Lonely… and overcome by who they had become in the wake of Jesus In their life… Addicted to God’s Grace, fulfilled by Christ, Full of Love, and the testimonies went on and on. When they walked off the stage after giving their testimonies, they placed the side describing who they used to be on the CROSS!

I was overcome because many of the people giving these testimonies have come so far in such a short period of time. The evidence of Jesus in their life is more than on a piece of cardboard… its on their hearts, its on their faces, and its in their hands and feet!!

I was overcome because I couldn’t be more proud than to call myself their brother in Christ, their friend, and their pastor.

I was overcome because Jesus didn’t just give us resurrection 2000 years ago… Jesus is in the business of resurrection and resurrection HAPPENS… and these people are living examples of resurrection!

May we all experience a resurrection today. Whatever your going through, failing at, worrying about… may you come to rest in the life and death of Jesus so that HE can bring the resurrection into your life and situation today!



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