Have You Prayed This Before?

All too often we pray for others in hopes that God will move on their behalf. You’re sincere when you pray, and you really expect God to act. You realize just how desperate the situation is and if God doesn’t do something life might be hanging in the balance!

When people are going through a tough time we tell them… I’ll be praying for you! If your like me you have said this when…

Someone loses a loved one.

Someone is sick.

Someone is going through a tough time in a marriage

Someone is looking at divorce

Someone is dealing with the unthinkable… their kids are sick, dying, etc.

Someone looses a job or has significant financial struggles.

The list could probably go on and on…

We pray for God to put shoes on people in Africa, help those in poverty in Haiti, God please stop human trafficking, God Will You Please Do SOMETHING about _______!

Shane Claiborne has a book called Becoming The Answer To Our Prayers… which I haven’t read. But the title is enough for me to get the point! My mind has been on this subject lately because of the number of people I know going through these kind of times in their lives!

One of the quotes in the book I found in a review couldn’t be more true…

“God doesn’t want to change the world without you.”

God has and always will use people to change the world! What are you doing to be the change in the world, in your world, in the world of the people you know and love? Is it possible God is telling you to become the answer to the very prayer you just prayed?

Leading One Community Church for the last 5 months has helped me be more aware of the need for us ALL to become the answer to our prayers. The next time you pray I challenge you to say Amen and then say another… God am I the one you want to use to  answer this prayer?


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