Over My Head

Have you ever felt in over your head? I guess I have been there before but something about this time is very different.

I’ve been in over my head a lot in my life… My father passed away at the beginning of my senior year in high school and I was without my best friend and mentor in this life… In Over My Head!

Freshman year I took a required theology class at Spring Hill College and had never opened a bible before. I couldn’t’ tell you what Genesis or Exodus were or where to find them (First two books of the bible), at least I had heard of a guy names Moses and Jesus before…In Over My Head!

How about my first ministry experience… helping lead a youth ministry that had EVERYONE I looked up to in it. The kids in the group knew more about the bible and youth ministry than I could possibly know. Most of them grew up in that youth group and I had been a Christian for 6 months… In Over MY Head!

Getting married and then holding my son Myles for the first time realizing I’m responsible for this little guy!  Loving, leading, discipling, guiding and providing for him… In Over My Head!

Moving to Utah to learn about church planting and ministry to find out within 8 months I was going to be leading the church… IN OVER MY HEAD!

I’m in over my head again, and I’m learning so many things about ministry and myself! The last year has been the most amazing journey of my life. Its been fun, busy, scary, hard, but worth every second of it. Being in over my head has revealed some weaknesses in my life, and while this may seem like a negative I have learned to embrace when my weaknesses are revealed… its only when they are on the surface that I can see them and deal with them. As I wrestle with my weaknesses, I become a better man, husband, dad, friend, pastor, and follower of Jesus.

I’m mostly excited about being in over my head this time around… because I have learned that when your in the desert you seem to get really good at praying for rain! When your in over your head… you tend to get closer to God real quick!

If you find yourself In Over Your Head today… get to know the ONE who can help you swim in the deep waters and teach you so much about yourself… and at the same time use the moments your in over your head to make you BETTER!

May we all embrace the moments we find ourselves in over our heads, and seek Jesus who is able to turn our weaknesses into powerful reminder of our need for HIM… and may we all strive to be BETTER in every area of our lives.



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