Now That Was Church!

Each week we pray and we plan a service with the intention and goal that reads something like this… “We the people of OCC hope to encounter the true a living God today”. Different voices enter the conversation and sometimes those differences are noticed in the service. This last Sunday was no different in our preparation, but the results certainly appeared to be!

After a few moments in the worship time it became clear that if we continued with our plans, the results would not be what we hope for each week… so we went with it and made what seemed like necessary changes! This was a first for OCC, but I hope what happened was an encouragement and blessing to those in attendance. I hope you feel like the true and living God was present and able to move in the lives of everyone in attendance! While we don’t plan on those moments, we want to be the kind of place that is OK when it does happen… in fact I think most of the church felt like it was more than OK : )

But, a word of caution if I may. We can get so enamored by these times of worship that we feel like God is only present when they happen. I can assure you God’s promises of presence are still true and each week the church gathers because Jesus says when we gather together, He is with us. (Matt 18:20)

May we all pray that our gathering is met with His presence, because without His presence we are not the church. He is the head of the church and without Jesus we are not only missing the ability and function of our 5 senses, but the very nature of the God we desire!

See you Sunday!



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