Who Feeds You?

I’ve been on a break from blogging… its been a life full of so many other things to pour my time and attention into!

I do believe that many of the things I have been processing will come out in the coming weeks and months on this blog… here goes the first.

Who Feeds You? Ask yourself this question…

Is it the television, romance novels, movies about vampires or teenagers killing to live? None of these things are wrong in and of themselves, but back to the question… is this simply brain-dead entertainment or does it feed your soul? I suspect most will say it’s just entertainment without really examining the issue.

Wrestle with this… don’t just simply say its entertainment and then move on. I know for me it can be both. Sometimes it’s brain-dead entertainment, and other times these things are feeding my soul no matter my intention!

What I do know for certain is this… when Jesus is the one feeding Tony, I’m much better off… Those around me are much better off! It might take a while, but I can tell when Jesus is not the one feeding my soul and the culture around me is doing His job.

I’ll end with this… wrestle with that question, even if you don’t think you care about the question wrestle with it… Jesus said to put him first above all else, and count the cost of following Him just before He proclaims that we are to carry our own cross daily. Not so light a fluffy of Jesus to ask people to die to themselves and carry a cross!

The more I chew on this the more humbled I am, and the more aware of my own need to have something other than my culture feeding me. When I let those things feed me I become more of who I am… when I let the gospel feed me, I become more of who Jesus says that I am!

May we all wrestle with this question, and find ourselves feeding off the true vine, the bread of life, and the living water!



One thought on “Who Feeds You?

  1. One thing I’ve learned is EVERYTHING we see and hear influences our thoughts, even if we think it is mindless entertainment. I saw a few episodes of this show “Deception with Kieth Barry” on discovery channel and was amazed at how easily our minds are manipulated without our even being aware of it. Watch this clip from about the 6:35 mark to see an amazing illustration of this.

    The whole clip is good for that matter. Yes, we have to constantly be on guard of what we allow in, and we have to feed on the word daily so that we will be protected by the full armor of God.


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