Life Is Short












Life Is Short…

Live It, Love It, and Tell People About The Reason for IT!

It’s days like this that I hate. People die and we all understand that… but sometimes people die way too young, and wrapping your head around that can be impossible sometimes.

I’ve experienced my own pain of loss that I would not wish on my worst enemy but…

Today I found out a friend I worked with for several years passed away in his mid 30’s. No reason, no huge accident, no long battle with a disease… just gone.

The guy had a heart of gold, would do anything for anybody, and loved his son like crazy!

It happens, death… and then you think… “What If!”

Don’t do it

Don’t think “what if”

Instead use those moments when your thinking “what if” as reminders that we don’t get a lot of second chances in life.

So live like it.

Live with a sense of purpose and passion.

Live life in a way that says your eternally grateful to be given the gift of life, and thank God for it!

Ask God what your life should look like… and live it that way! Live it on purpose.

Live in such a way that you will not be asking “what if” in life’s suckiest moments!

Love God… Don’t take Him for granted… He’s there for a reason

Love Others… Don’t take them for granted… they are there for a reason

So don’t do it… don’t live your life and then have to ask “what if”



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