Be Present!

I Wish I Could Remember To… Be Present!

This time every year I am reminded that one of my biggest jobs as a father, husband, friend, and follower of Jesus is to Be Present.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of my son Micah’s passing away from a heart defect… we knew he was sick, but his death still caught us off guard. We thought we would be the exception to the rule because we loved Jesus (as if other Christ followers had never suffered the loss of a precious child – silly I know).

Back then I wrote a blog and captured it on video for Micah’s funeral because I knew that I needed to tell others to Be Present!

Why am I so bad at it!

Today I write the same words, but they are not just for you… they are for me too!

I need to be reminded of my inability to keep the main things the main things. My God comes first… my precious family comes second… everything else get in line!

Like a broken record I let things creep in and lose focus on my present.

Time slips away and I have spent more time on loving knowledge and the church than my God and my family.

If that’s you too… Be Present!

Be Present because there is nothing like it.

Be Present because there will not come another now!

Be Present because you can’t get IT back!

Be Present because God and the others in your life deserve it!

Share this blog if you know people who need the reminder, the hint, OK… a shove : )

Check this Video out… one of my favorites Propaganda kills it on Being Present!


2 thoughts on “Be Present!

  1. Kris,

    Gee thanks : )
    And you’re right about never guessing where God would bring me. It’s sure not how I drew it up… Thank God his ways and thoughts are higher than ours! I hope and pray your recovering well…


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