Facebook… The New Tombstone


A few of my friends have died in recent months. I found out about one of them on Facebook of all places!

As I scrolled down his page there was picture after picture and comment after comment posted by other friends of their fond memories and well wishes for him and his family. Another friend died and his Facebook page became the place that friends from all over the country engaged in story telling about their favorite moments with him.

For many, Facebook has become a living memorial. It reminds us of birthdays for people who have passed as their FB account is still active, and some others keep loved ones Facebook account active to spread the word about a certain cause related to the death of a friend or loved one.

We don’t live our lives for others nor to be praised by them… but I was reminded that what we do on this earth matters. It matters to a host of others, and it matters to the kingdom of God.

What will others write on your wall in memorial to your life?

What would you like the people who don’t know you personally read about you on your wall?


2 thoughts on “Facebook… The New Tombstone

  1. I hear you on that one. Hard to balance providing for your family financially and loving them with your presence. Praying for you on that front… Lord knows planting a church can test the best of intentions when it comes to work and family. Peace.

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