Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… Whatever!


It’s that time of year again, and everywhere you look people are challenging to remember that this season is all about. Some will say

“Don’t forget the reason for the season”… others dig deeper and quip “Keep Christ in Christmas”!

Even those who espouse a “Christless Christmas” say the season is meant for a unique time of family and rest.

For me the challenge of what really matters has moved away from Christmas and into my own personal life. My family, my friends, my calling.

When it comes to my family what really matters. Is it what everyone else thinks about my marriage, or what my wife thinks about our marriage? Does she feel loved? Does she value and respect our relationship based on what I bring to the table?

What about kids?

What really matters? Is is that they do really well in school and make no mistakes? Or do they really need to know that I love them no matter what the outcomes are in their test scores and report cards? I want them to do well, do their best which they already know from my example and instructions, but are my critical comments when things don’t go as planed helping or hurting the cause?

Does it matter that I make those disappointed faces followed by statements of challenge and consequences? Or does my unconditional love in spite if what we are facing matter more?

Does it really matter that the church I pastor is not blowing up with mounds of new people each week raving about One Community Church and coming every week to hear what God is saying through us? Should I be so focused on the wrong things little disappointments turn into big ones that can take days to overcome?

Or does it really matter that I’m being faithful to Jesus first in my own life with Him,
and second in what He has called me to do?

No matter the outcomes?

What really matters?

I don’t know for sure but I’m positioning myself to figure it out and never let go of focusing in what matters the most in very area of my life!

I want to be faithful to my family, and my friends, and the calling God has placed on my life. How about you?





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