Spring Cleaning

As spring approaches you hear a lot of people talking about the need to do some serious spring cleaning. Closets are full, lives are getting busier, and making room seems to be essential to the American way of life. You never know when you are going to need more room, right?

Spring is upon us, and even though in parts of the country it’s still snowing occasionally, the sun is out and life outside is becoming more and more of a reality.

cover_9370515_clippedI was speaking to some friends the other night and realized maybe we all need another form of spring cleaning… life tends to get more complex the more time we spend on this planet. All of life seems to drift toward complexity if we let it… Technology is supposed to make things easier, and it really hasn’t. More convenient yes, but life supported by technology is more complex really… not easier. So while we are cleaning out the closets to make room (seriously, how much more crap can we all cram into our houses!) maybe we need to consider cleaning out our schedules! Does life seem endlessly busy and more complex than you expected it? Are there things that can easily be moved around in your life to create more room in the schedule?

More room for the things that really matter? More room for the people that really matter, and need you in their lives?

I know for me the answer is YES! There is always more to be done… but there will not always be more time to be available to the people that God says need it most.

So join me in a little spring cleaning the next few weeks and let us put our focus on the people God is asking us to focus on instead of trying to cram it all into a week that has no room for more and not enough room for what is already in our time closet!

May we become people of focus and intentionality… even with our time!



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