The Sound of Silence



The Sound of Silence… Everyone needs it, but few find it.

In a culture that increasingly finds ways to scream at us… most of us struggle to balance the screams with the necessary silence. In my college days I was privileged to go on a 3 day and a 7 day silent retreat. I know that sounds a little weird… who would choose to be silent for that long!

Actually, it’s not a put some tape over your mouth kind of retreat, so it’s not 100% silent. The idea is to spend as much time as you can in silence, listening, and praying for the sake of hearing God. There are brief moments of talking at meals, and at scheduled times of discussion for the faint at heart.

Last week I went on my first personal silent retreat… two days at the Huntsville, Utah Trappist Monastery. It was good to be quiet and alone, but I must confess…

I suck at being silent and alone!

I was bored at times, too tired at times, and scrambled for things to do because after all who can pray and listen all day!

But, it was in those moments of struggle that I was reminded how much I need to set aside more time to be quite, listen, and pray. The silent moments did my mind, body, and soul some serious good!

So I’ve decided (at the prompting of some good friends) to have a silent retreat August 29-31, and open it up to men who want to join me in a little silence. The monastery is limited in it’s capacity, but I figure if we have a great response we can figure out an alternative.

What a great problem this would be!

So, it’s simple… as many men that want to head up to Huntsville on Friday the 29th will go and get silent for a few days and we will head back on Sunday morning August 31st for our OCC Serve Our City Sunday.

Hit me up if you are interested so I can reserve your spot. We will have a lot of down time, quiet time, and a few times of discussion and dialogue to foster the ultimate dialogue between you and God.

In the meantime, may we all get better at sitting in the sound of silence.


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