Facebook… The New Memorial


Some people say they would like to “visit” their memorial service to hear what people have to say about them. What would people say? What are the emotions like in the room? Who would come, and who would skip it?

Never before have we lived in an age of connectedness to one another. Social Media has ruled and reigned the last decade. No matter your poison… MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, insert your favorite social media option here, these platforms have opened up new ways to socially connect and interact with one another.

I’m learning that in death it’s no different… I’ve lost a few friends during this span of being so connected by social media, I’ve even lost a child… and I’m most fascinated and comforted by something that I’m calling Social Media Memorials.

We have all seen the outpouring of love from all over the globe upon the deaths of people like Nelson Mandela, Robin Williams, and Michael Jackson on our social media news feeds. These men had a profound affect on people’s lives, and the world turned to their Social Media outlets to speak the words they never could say to these men or at their memorial service even after their were gone from this life.

Only a select few people get to speak at memorial services, the rest of us can write notes or tell stories of the person who has passed away, but how will those stories or notes find themselves in the hands of others who might benefit from the information?

These days, because of our social media connectedness more people know about us (or at least the us we willingly share on said social media outlets) and therefore have more access to information that really matters. This is why the social media as the ultimate “memorializer” (I just made that word up!) is such a great thing. Even if you don’t like social media for any number of qualified reasons, you have to respect the fact that anyone in your circle of friends can share how they knew you and how your life has impacted theirs upon your death. This joy is no longer reserved for the few people standing up at your memorial service, Facebook has become the new memorial… In fact for weeks and even years after you are gone, people can visit your pages on random days, birthdays, and holidays and offer love, grief, and virtual flowers as if they were standing at your grave talking to everyone gathered together to celebrate your life… It’s beautiful if you ask me : )

In the case of my friend Paula Glenn, people are able to visit her Facebook page and share with the watching world the kind of impact she has had on her life while she was still with us. Reading her Facebook Memorial on a daily basis has made it abundantly clear to me and anyone reading it that her life has been impacting countless people for the Kingdom of God. Her Facebook has become a beautiful reminder of the great things God can do, and will do through the people who are willing to follow Him and desire to make His name known in all the earth.  Paula Glenn’s life is a shining example of what living, loving, and following Jesus is all about, and we can thank The Social Media Memorial on her Facebook page for a small glimpse into the impact her life has had on The Kingdom of God.

May her life continue to impact people all over the world, and may her death remind us all to live life on purpose and above all else choose love!




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