The Waiting

pedestrian-wait-signAdvent – the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

Advent is a season of waiting on the coming of Christ… and this Sunday was the first Sunday in the season of advent on the Christian calendar. The next 3 weeks as we anticipate Christmas, we anticipate the day that God came down to rescue you and me, love came down to set us free!

Celebrating advent is all about celebrating the coming of the Messiah. Jesus was born as the incarnate Holy One… God in the flesh! So, as we wait to celebrate His birth this Christmas… We are celebrating the incarnation of the God of the universe.

This past Sunday we spent our gathering time as a church at The Family Support Center and I was reminded of something… The church is to be the NEW incarnation of God. God no longer is subject to the incarnation happening only 2000 years ago, He puts His life and spirit in us to be the incarnate son of God 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all over the world! Therefore, as we left the building this Sunday to be the incarnation of the true and living God to a world in need and God has called us to love and serve… I’d say we started the Advent season off perfectly.

As we wait in anticipation and celebrate His coming on that first Christmas… One Community Church became the love and presence of God to a village of women who need to see and feel the love of God.

Stay watchful this entire month as we continue to celebrate advent as a family waiting on Jesus to make his presence known in all the earth in and through His People, His Church! We no longer have to wait for Him to make an impact on the world, He wants to do just that through you and me!



One thought on “The Waiting

  1. Brother Tony,
    That is a very profound explanation, description, or definition of the the Advent in a way that I haven’t heard or thought about. Thanks for reminding me and others that our anticipation of the season of Christmas should build into a crescendo heard by those we come in contact with, through our hearts, that culminates in heavenly peace as we celebrate the birth and life of the only perfect human being that ever lived. God Bless your small army of serving, caring people helping people. Y’all make my heart swell.
    Love in Christ,
    Randy Hicks

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