Here’s The Real Problem With Starbucks…


Christians who make the rest of us look like idiots!!!!

Right now every media outlet is talking about this “group” of Christians upset about a red cup. The Today Show, The Ny Times, you name it and they are talking about it… oh wait they are actually laughing about it!!!!

If you don’t know what the buzz is all about an “evangelist” Joshua Feuerstein went on his popular social media pages and ranted about the fact that Starbucks cups are simply red this year and contain no mention of Christmas. Complaining that they are taking Christ out of Christmas by not including the word on their cups… His only problem to the argument is that Starbucks has NEVER had “Merry Christmas” on their cups! They have had snow flakes, lights, and other non religious symbols on their cups because they are NOT a religious company! For the life of my I can’t imagine why this guy is upset and making christianity and Jesus followers look like idiots.

Look, if you rely on Starbucks to feed your soul with a specific word on a cup, you have bigger problems than not hearing Merry Christmas when you walk in the door. If you think the way to fix the cultural problem in America is by land blasting a company that is secular to the core for their choice of cups that never had a reference to Christ before, you don’t understand the culture or Jesus. This was not his approach, not should it be ours.

And Lastly, tricking others into saying a phrase and or believing what you believe has got to be one of the most arrogant and non gospel driven things you could do. I’m all about speaking truth, it’s what I do all day everyday to the best of my Jesus centered ability… but this Red Cup Christian movement is just another reason why people will like what Jesus stood for , but hate the church and his followers.

Jesus was full of grace and truth… this “so-called” movement is full of neither!

If you are a Christian, please understand follower of Jesus… you are called to be salt and light. The right amount of salt is preserving and flavorful… but TOO MUCH salt kills what you put it on faster and makes it unpalatable, inedible, and ruins ANY chance of someone tasting what once was tasty goodness.

If you are on the outside of the faith and looking in, Please understand that not everyone who has a voice speaks the truth 100% of the time. The sad part of this story is this guy has a lot of good things to say, but on this subject he is missing the mark BIG-TIME. Please don’t let his ignorance on the subject and arrogance because of his many followers block the truth of good news that Jesus could care less if you drink from a blank red cup or a cup shaped like a cross… what He cares about is your soul and how that soul spends eternity. He cares about transforming our hearts into a heart more like His… and He cares about how that new heart of yours and mine effects the world around you with grace and truth, how your new heart and life cares for the poor and broken in this world, and if that new heart is able to plop down in the middle of a place like Starbucks that may not share your values and engage them with the truth in such a way that compels them to follow the truth you speak.

Here’s to hoping the red cup revolution dies a quick death and the people of God love the world like Jesus instead of manipulating the world like some Christians seek to do.

On a side note… I will not be drinking from a plain red cup because I don’t like the burnt brown stuff Starbucks puts in their cups : )-



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