Holy Week and Communion

Continuing our conversation around celebrating the last week Jesus spent on the earth and today we come to Jesus and the Disciples preparing and participating in the Passover Meal. This is such a precious time in scripture and I want to focus on communion found in Matthew 26:17-30.

Many churches and have different theologies on the Lord’s Supper. Some believe it to be a literal presence, and others believe it’s simply a representation of something that happened and we do communion to simply remember the event. I want to simply suggest the truth is somewhere in the middle of these two latitudes. It’s more than just a thing we remember and its less than something that actually becomes real flesh and blood. Most churches would consider communion a sacrament. This sacrament possesses a sacred character and significance that goes beyond human reason. In the sacrament we understand the God is present, and in the sacrament of communion we understand that we meet Jesus in a special way. Communion is defined as the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level… so we actually commune with God and He desires to communicate with us ESPECIALLY in the act of partaking in the Lord’s Supper. He said we need to do eat and drink in communion to take “part” in Him… or some translations say to “abide” in Him.

We don’t have time to discuss what it means to abide in Jesus, but it’s clear that Jesus is saying communion is a place we can find ourselves ONE with Jesus. It’s a place where you will find what you need. If you need peace, you can find it there in communion… do you need healing, a new heart, a new perspective, forgiveness, love, whatever you need you will find it at communion because you are literally communing with the Almighty!

So take communion tonight, before Good Friday and experience the peace and presence of God like never before. As you sense the presence of God, allow the Holy Spirit to speak, heal, love, and bring you into unity with God.